Brad Pitt ‘100% on board’ to welcome baby with Ines De Ramon: Source

 Brad Pitt ‘100% on board’ to welcome baby with Ines De Ramon: Source


Brad Pitt is reportedly envisioning a future with his girlfriend, Ines De Ramon, and is eager to expand his family. As fans may know, In Touch Weekly recently reported that Pitt is excited about the idea of growing his brood and is considering tying the knot with De Ramon. These claims have now been confirmed by a close friend of Brad Pitt, who spoke to the Daily Mail.

“It’s devastating for Brad that he basically had no relationship with his kids,” the friend revealed, highlighting the actor’s strained ties with his children. However, they went on to address the positive impact of the jewelry designer on Pitt’s life. “Ines has been a real source of comfort and it’s actually brought them closer together.”

“Having more kids in his life is not out of the question,” the insider confirmed and explained, “Ines is young and Brad said he’s 100% on board if she wants to have kids.” “He loves the idea of building a life with Ines and nothing is off the table,” they maintained about the dad of six estranged children with former wife Angelina Jolie.

Gushing over Brad’s new girl, the insider added, “Brad said Ines would be a wonderful mother. She’s patient, easygoing, and has a great sense of humor.” “In other words, their relationship is smooth sailing and drama-free. He’s in it with Ines for the long run,” they concluded.

The friend’s comments underscore the significant role Ines De Ramon has played in Brad Pitt’s life, especially in helping him reconnect with his children. The relationship appears to be a stabilizing and supportive presence for the actor as he navigates the complexities of parenthood and personal growth.

Pitt, who has faced public and personal challenges in maintaining a relationship with his six children, seems to be finding solace and strength in his bond with De Ramon. Her involvement is reportedly bringing a sense of normalcy and closeness back to his family dynamics.

A New Chapter for Brad Pitt

As Brad Pitt looks forward to a future with Ines De Ramon, it’s clear that she has had a profoundly positive influence on him. Friends of the actor describe their relationship as deeply supportive, with Ines helping to bridge the gap between Pitt and his children.

The source added that Pitt’s desire to expand his family is a testament to the strong bond he shares with De Ramon. Their relationship is seen as a new beginning for Pitt, who has endured a tumultuous period marked by legal battles and strained familial relationships.

Public and Private Lives

Both Pitt and De Ramon have managed to keep their relationship relatively private, focusing on building a strong foundation away from the media’s glare. This privacy has allowed them to nurture their relationship and support each other through various personal challenges.

As they continue to build their life together, fans and followers are eager to see how this relationship will evolve. With Pitt’s readiness to embrace a new chapter and De Ramon’s unwavering support, the future looks promising for the couple.

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