Brian Austin Green talks co-parenting with ex-wife Megan Fox

 Brian Austin Green talks co-parenting with ex-wife Megan Fox


Brian Austin Green recently opened up about the dynamics of co-parenting his three sons with former wife Megan Fox. In a candid interview with E! News, the “Beverly Hills, 90210” star emphasized that his primary focus in co-parenting is to ensure that the well-being and experiences of their children are at the forefront.

Green and Fox, who share sons Noah, 11, Bodhi, 10, and Journey, 7, navigated more than a decade of marriage before their separation in 2021. Throughout their relationship and now into their co-parenting arrangement, Green stresses the importance of maintaining a child-centered approach. “I always make sure that everything is centered around the experience of the kids,” he told E! News, highlighting his commitment to fostering a supportive environment for them despite the changes in their family structure.

“People make a mistake of thinking that they’re gonna do things so the separation doesn’t affect the kids and of course, it’s gonna affect the kids,” he told the outlet. “The only choice you have is how it affects the kids.” Despite being amicable exes, Green admitted that he has to “pick his battles” with Fox sometimes and “do what’s best for the kids.”

“The person that you were with that you’re now separated from, you guys are separated for a reason,” he explained. “Because you didn’t get along. So, you can’t expect to then get along after the fact in raising your kids. So, you have to decide, ‘OK, it’s not about us getting along anymore. It’s about us co-parenting, which is a totally different situation.’”

The couple first met on the set of the television show “Hope & Faith” in 2004, when Fox was 18 and Green was 31, marking the beginning of their intermittent relationship which saw several breakups before they ultimately married and later divorced. Their age difference and the public nature of their careers added layers of complexity to their relationship, which they have navigated both during and after their marriage.

Their decision to officially part ways in 2020 came after a series of attempts to reconcile, underscoring the challenges they faced in their marriage but also their ongoing commitment to their children post-separation. The process of co-parenting, as described by Green, involves a constant effort to prioritize the happiness and stability of Noah, Bodhi, and Journey.

Brian Austin Green’s approach to co-parenting involves thoughtful consideration of how each decision will affect their children, aiming to minimize any negative impact from their separation. He expressed the importance of shielding the children from any potential fallout and ensuring they continue to feel loved and secure. This perspective is crucial in helping them navigate the adjustments that come with their parents’ split.

The interview with Green not only sheds light on his personal strategies for co-parenting but also reflects a broader narrative shared by many parents who find themselves balancing the complexities of raising children between two households. His openness about prioritizing his children’s needs over personal differences is a poignant reminder of the responsibilities parents hold in shaping their children’s experiences, even amidst personal challenges.

As Green and Fox continue to navigate their roles as co-parents, their story serves as an example of how dedication and a child-focused approach can guide parents through the transitions of separation and divorce. It highlights the importance of cooperation and respect in co-parenting arrangements, ensuring that the children’s best interests are always the priority.

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