Erin Moriarty addresses Megyn Kelly’s plastic surgery accusations

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Erin Moriarty, known for her role as the superhero Starlight in the popular Prime Video series “The Boys,” has decided to leave Instagram due to a barrage of negative comments and what she describes as “verbal abuse.” This wave of criticism came in the wake of remarks made by television personality Megyn Kelly about Moriarty’s appearance.

During a segment on “The Megyn Kelly Show,” which is broadcast on SiriusXM and also available on YouTube, Kelly discussed societal pressures related to cosmetic procedures and used photos of Moriarty as a point of discussion. Moriarty expressed her distress and dissatisfaction with Kelly’s comments through a detailed statement on her Instagram account before deciding to step away from the platform.

In her statement, Moriarty refuted what she termed “horrific allegations” made by Kelly, critiquing the segment for being both “misinformed” and “inaccurate.” She highlighted the use of a photo from over a decade ago and another from a recent event where her makeup was professionally done to enhance her features, which she felt misrepresented her appearance.

Feeling overwhelmed by the harshness of the online backlash, Moriarty announced her intention to take a significant, potentially permanent, hiatus from social media platforms. She described the ordeal as bordering on harassment, pointing out that the severity of the comments compelled her to disable them on her posts. Moriarty’s statement underscored her dismay at the personal attacks and the spread of misinformation, which she believes fuels a detrimental narrative against women.

Despite her decision to step back from social media, Moriarty chose not to deactivate her Instagram account, allowing her statement to remain accessible to the public. She expressed her heartbreak over the situation and condemned the reductionist assumptions and the video that spurred the harassment.

CNN sought comments from both Moriarty’s and Kelly’s representatives. While Moriarty’s team has not yet provided further statements, there was no response from Kelly’s representative regarding whether Kelly had reached out to Moriarty before discussing her on the show or if Kelly maintained her stance on the comments made.

Apart from “The Boys,” Moriarty has been featured in several other notable television series, including “True Detective,” “Jessica Jones,” and “One Life to Live,” establishing her as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

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