Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony release Kohl’s range

 Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony release Kohl’s range

jennifer-lopez-marc-anthony-release-kohls-rangeThe estranged couple have gone ahead with their fashion line for the US retailer but are promoting the collection separately.

After Lopez and Anthony announced their divorce, PR spokespeople were quick to claim that their respective women’s and men’s collections had always been meant to launch separately, and now, Kohl’s is cementing these claims with four different promotional videos.

In what is supposed to depict “just another day at the office” for both stars, Lopez was filmed “having trouble” getting into Kohl’s headquarters because she forgot her ID (bearing a strange resemblance to Heidi Klum’s promotional clip for her recently launched lifestyle site) and “annoying” her co-workers, while Anthony is struggling with the receptionist’s phone and a noncompliant coffee machine.

Watch them all at The collections will launch at Kohl’s stores and online next month.


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