“Their Social Life Has Evaporated” Julia Roberts and Danny Moder’s Reclusive Lifestyle Sparks Concern

 “Their Social Life Has Evaporated” Julia Roberts and Danny Moder’s Reclusive Lifestyle Sparks Concern


Julia Roberts, renowned for her role in “Pretty Woman,” has been noticeably distant from Hollywood and her circle of well-known friends for several months, amid rumors of marital discord with her husband, Danny Moder. The couple, married for 21 years and parents to three children—Hazel, Phinnaeus, both 19, and Henry, 16—have increasingly opted for a secluded life away from the public eye, according to sources.

Insiders suggest that Roberts and Moder, a 55-year-old cameraman, are facing difficulties in their relationship, prompting them to withdraw socially. “They spend the majority of their time holed up at their place in New Mexico and apparently they’ve gotten a new place in Northern California where they spend a lot of time,” an unnamed source disclosed to In Touch weekly. This shift away from their primary residence in Malibu, despite maintaining a large estate there, has fueled speculation among friends that there is more to their retreat than meets the eye.

According to the same source, Roberts has become disillusioned with life in Los Angeles, leading to tensions between her and her social circle. “Julia and Danny have gotten to this place where they seem to want to shut the world out. It’s nice that they’ve prioritized their family life — but it’s at the expense of a sense of community and a lot of people worry they’ve deliberately pushed everyone away,” the insider explained.

The situation reached a tipping point over a disagreement about relocating. “The biggest sticking point recently was when Julia wanted to move to San Francisco, which Danny resisted,” the source revealed. The conflict led to Roberts selling their San Francisco property, a decision that reportedly did not sit well with her. “She gave in and sold their place there, but no doubt it was a hard pill for her to swallow — especially because Danny has camera gigs that take him out of town all the time,” the informant added.

Friends of the couple are concerned about the impact of their secluded lifestyle on Roberts, who is known to prefer a more visible social life. “It’s an open secret she’d prefer to live a more visible life, but that’s not Danny’s style — so there’s concern among her friends that she’s bending herself to suit his needs,” the tipster noted.

Despite these challenges, the couple sometimes appears publicly, such as during the Oscars week, where they seemed happy. This, however, does not quell the worries of their friends, who miss them and are left speculating about the true state of affairs behind the couple’s reclusive behavior.

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