Kanye West and wife were joined by mystery women on Venice boat ride

Kanye West and wife were joined by mystery women

Kanye West and Bianca Censori following a highly-publicized incident during a water taxi ride on Venice’s iconic canals. 

Photographs revealed the presence of a third, unidentified passenger onboard during the incident, likely granting her an unobstructed view of the couple’s explicit display that ultimately led to their banishment from future boat rides. 

While West’s exposed bare bu*tocks and Censori’s provocative posture at the back of the vessel drew attention, the mysterious woman, positioned behind the boat’s captain at the bow, remains unnamed and unconfirmed.

In photographs taken after the reported suggestive incident, the unidentified female passenger, who appeared to be concealing her identity with an all-black attire, headscarf, and dark sunglasses, was seen sitting inside the boat’s hull across from Bianca Censori. 

Eventually, ‘Ye’ joined the two women inside. The trio was later captured disembarking the boat together and proceeding to take a leisurely stroll around Venice.

Earlier this week, MailOnline reported that Venice police are now investigating the incident and have identified the water taxi’s driver, who is expected to be questioned about what he witnessed. 

The Italian rental company also acknowledged the presence of a ‘third person on board the taxi,’ noting that this individual had ‘obstructed the captain’s view’ toward the back of the boat.

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