Lady Gaga Teaches Teens to Avoid Sex

 Lady Gaga Teaches Teens to Avoid Sex

lady-gaga-teaches-teens-to-avoid-sexThe ‘Born This Way‘ singer Lady Gaga is on the way to teach her teen fans to avoid sex in school. She said that they should avoid sex as long as they can.

Addressing at the Schlosshotel Bensberg luxury hotel in Cologne, Germany, Lady Gaga taught her teenage fans to avoid sex. She also shared her own sexual and bisexual inclinations comfortably and explained her fans to keep far from sex unless they are completely at hand to lose their virginity.

She told, “I think young kids should wait as long as they can before they have sex. And they should use protection from the first time to the last time. But I’m not afraid to talk about sex. Sex is not wrong. Sex is real life. I don’t see sex to be a bad thing.”

Yeah kids, you should consider the advice!

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