Megan Fox Talks About Cosmetic Related Plastic Surgeries

 Megan Fox Talks About Cosmetic Related Plastic Surgeries


At 37, Megan Fox, a fixture in the public eye since her explosive role in “Transformers” at 21, has long navigated the turbulent waters of fame and the intense scrutiny that comes with it, especially in terms of her physical appearance. This scrutiny has often ventured into the realm of plastic surgery, with many speculating about the procedures Fox might have undergone over the years. The actress has consistently faced a barrage of unsolicited commentary on her looks, with recent photographs only fueling further speculation.

In a recent candid conversation on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast hosted by Alex Cooper, Fox took the opportunity to address these speculations head-on, discussing various aspects of her life, including her experiences with sex and plastic surgery. Known for her stance against perpetuating unattainable beauty standards, Fox openly discussed the cosmetic procedures she has undergone, as well as those she hasn’t, in an effort to demystify her beauty regimen.

The discussion took a deeper turn when Cooper inquired about how Fox’s sexual experiences have been influenced by her body image over the years. Fox attributed significant changes in her sex life to gaining autonomy over her appearance, revealing that she had breast augmentation done in her early twenties, between the filming of the first two “Transformers” movies. She emphasized that such procedures were commonplace in Hollywood, though the goal was always to keep them inconspicuous.

Fox then decided to lay bare the full extent of her cosmetic interventions, confronting the stigma associated with plastic surgery. She clarified that she has never undergone any form of facelift or thread lift, though she has considered minor enhancements like a brow lift. Fox also dispelled rumors about having buccal fat removal or liposuction, citing her naturally lean physique as a reason for her reluctance to remove any body fat. Instead, she expressed a preference for adding volume where necessary, rather than subtracting.

The conversation also touched on more extreme body modifications, like the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), which Fox humorously entertained the idea of, albeit with reservations about the recovery process and a preference for a more dramatic transformation if she were ever to proceed.

Fox’s openness in the podcast not only sheds light on the pressures and expectations placed on women in the public eye but also challenges the stigma surrounding cosmetic surgery. By sharing her personal journey and decisions regarding her body, Fox contributes to a broader conversation about self-acceptance, autonomy, and the complex relationship between self-image and external perceptions in the entertainment industry.

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