Ellen DeGeneres Teases Stand-up Comedy Return With Surprise LA Set: ‘You’ll See It Soon Enough’


In a delightful turn of events for her admirers, Ellen DeGeneres, the cherished comedian and former host of a popular talk show, made an unexpected return to the realm of stand-up comedy. On a recent Thursday night, she graced the stage with a surprise performance at the Largo in Los Angeles, contributing her comedic talents to the “Beth & Pals” show, curated by Beth Stelling.

At the age of 66, DeGeneres joined an impressive roster of comedians for the evening, sharing the spotlight with notable figures such as Adam Sandler, Sarah Silverman, and Aidy Bryant. The arrival of DeGeneres at the venue, alongside her spouse, Portia de Rossi, was a moment captured and celebrated in numerous videos across various social media platforms, showcasing the couple’s shared enthusiasm for the event.

Adorning her signature attire—a moto jacket paired with jeans and sneakers—DeGeneres was greeted with a wave of warm applause as she stepped onto the stage. The audience’s response was so spirited that it led to some attendees rising from their seats in excitement, reported People Magazine.

Social media was abuzz with clips showing the vibrant reception DeGeneres received as she prepared to launch into her comedy routine. While the details of her performance remain shrouded in mystery, DeGeneres playfully hinted at the forthcoming reveal of her set, igniting a flurry of anticipation among her fans. This eagerness is especially poignant considering her hiatus from the stage following the conclusion of her talk show in 2022.

DeGeneres’ foray back into stand-up is noteworthy, as her initial foray into the entertainment world began within the cozy confines of comedy clubs, long before she attained television fame. Her journey through the entertainment industry includes starring roles in television sitcoms such as “Ellen” from 1994 to 1998 and “The Ellen Show” from 2001 to 2002.

A landmark moment in her career, and indeed for the television industry, came during the fourth season of “Ellen” in 1997 when DeGeneres publicly came out as a lesbian on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” This revelation was mirrored in the storyline of her character, Ellen Morgan, who sought counsel from a therapist portrayed by Winfrey, addressing LGBT issues and the coming-out process. In 2008, DeGeneres solidified her personal life by marrying her long-term partner, Portia de Rossi.

While DeGeneres has not explicitly stated whether this surprise performance signals a full-fledged return to stand-up comedy, Largo’s teasers suggest the possibility of a new chapter for the Primetime Emmy Award-winning actor. This new phase could see her exploring various avenues within comedy, including tours, specials, or digital content, much to the excitement of her fans who are keenly awaiting the official unveiling of her latest stand-up set and hopeful for a grand resurgence in her comedy career.

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