Jada Pinkett Smith reveals preference for daughter Willow’s relationships

MICHAEL TRAN/AFP via Getty Images

Jada Pinkett Smith recently shared her hopes for her daughter Willow Smith to find a relationship as enduring as her own with her husband Will Smith.

During a conversation with Danielle Robay on the Feb. 29 episode of PRETTYSMART, the Girls Trip actress expressed her sentiment, affirming, “If it’s going to help her become the woman I’m becoming, yes.”

Reflecting on her marriage to the Gemini Man star, Mrs. Smith highlighted its resilience, stating, “As much as Will and I have tried to get away from each other, it’s not happening,” echoing sentiments she previously shared.

While acknowledging the challenges, she emphasized the value of their commitment, saying, “To know that I have someone by my side that, no matter what is dedicated to learning how to love and learning how to love me, and vice versa, I don’t know what else you could ask for,” despite acknowledging their journey hasn’t always mirrored the fairy tale narrative she once envisioned.

Beyond discussing her marriage, the Red Table Talk host offered insights into Willow’s musical journey. She recounted Willow’s early fascination with her mother’s performances and observed how the 23-year-old has passionately pursued her musical endeavors, taking her talent to new heights.

Jada’s sentiments underscore her desire for Willow to experience a relationship characterized by love, dedication, and growth, mirroring the enduring partnership she shares with Will. As Willow continues to navigate her artistic path, she does so with the support and encouragement of her family, celebrating her journey and accomplishments along the way.

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