Jennifer Aniston recalls ‘terrible’ chemistry testing with strangers

 Jennifer Aniston recalls ‘terrible’ chemistry testing with strangers

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Jennifer Aniston recently discussed the discomfort she experienced during on-screen chemistry testing early in her career, a common practice in Hollywood to gauge potential interactions between co-stars. In a revealing conversation with the Hollywood Reporter, Aniston, also known for her high-profile marriage to Brad Pitt, shared insights into the less glamorous aspects of acting.

Aniston’s reflections come shortly after her co-star, Jake Gyllenhaal, also expressed similar sentiments about the challenges of filming intimate scenes with her. During an appearance on The Howard Stern Show, Gyllenhaal described the experience as both torturous and exhilarating. “Oh yeah, it was torture,” he admitted, “yes it was but it was also not torture, I mean, come on – it was like a mix of both.”

She also mentioned, “Maybe you’d have chemistry with this person if you were in a different environment, and not, like, ‘Create chemistry. Ready? Go!’” “And I’m a terrible auditioner, always was,” the Friends hitmaker admitted and noted, “I waitressed forever before I could finally get something, which was a Bob’s Big Boy commercial.” “So, if you’re a nervous auditioner, to begin with, to then say, ‘Now let’s have you make out with a complete stranger,’ it’s very uncomfortable,” she added before starting a new discussion.

Gyllenhaal further elaborated on the inherent awkwardness of performing love scenes, noting the discomfort caused by the presence of a large film crew. “Love scenes are awkward because there are maybe 30-50 people watching it,” he explained, emphasizing that the lack of privacy made the process unappealing. According to him, the controlled environment of a set “doesn’t turn [him] on,” highlighting the professional nature of such interactions.

To mitigate some of the discomfort, Gyllenhaal mentioned that he and Aniston used “the pillow technique” during filming, a method he credits to Aniston’s thoughtfulness. Describing it as a “very kind” suggestion from Aniston, the technique was employed to maintain comfort and professionalism before shooting intimate scenes.

These candid revelations by Aniston and Gyllenhaal shed light on the often overlooked and challenging aspects of acting, particularly in romantic or intimate scenarios. Their experiences underscore the blend of personal and professional boundaries that actors must navigate in their careers, offering the public a glimpse into the complex dynamics behind the scenes of beloved films and television shows.

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