“Blinded by Lust” Inside Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s Marital Struggles

 “Blinded by Lust” Inside Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s Marital Struggles

(ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images)

In a surprising twist to one of Hollywood’s most watched relationships, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s marriage seems to be encountering serious turbulence, according to a source close to the couple who spoke with In Touch Weekly. The insider revealed that just two years after their glamorous reunion and marriage, the couple’s relationship had lost its initial spark, leading to increasing discontent from both sides.

While Lopez continues to champion the themes of love and resilience in her new Netflix movie, “Atlas,” her personal life appears to contradict her professional pursuits. The insider disclosed, “J. Lo privately complains Ben wasn’t up to par in the bedroom, that he stopped making an effort and became lazy and boring as a lover.” This lack of satisfaction has reportedly been a significant strain on their relationship.

Initially, the rekindling of their romance was described as “electric” by the source, suggesting a passionate resurgence of their early 2000s relationship. “Ben couldn’t keep his hands off her and he now admits he was blinded by lust,” the insider noted. However, the initial excitement has seemingly given way to routine and disillusionment.

The gradual decline in physical attraction was attributed to constant bickering and what the source described as Lopez’s “diva fits.” These tensions reportedly led Affleck to feel “burnt out and bored,” resulting in a dramatic cooling off of their intimacy. “The physical attraction totally wore off,” the insider lamented.

The situation in the Affleck-Lopez household appears to have reached a point of significant separation within their living arrangement. “He was sleeping on the other side of the house for months and the consensus is they’ve barely had intimacy, if any, in 2024,” added the insider before ending the conversation.

This revelation paints a starkly different picture from the couple’s public appearances and shared projects, highlighting the often-private struggles that can exist behind closed doors, even for Hollywood’s most glamorous couples. As both continue to navigate their high-profile lives, the future of their relationship remains uncertain, marked by a blend of professional success and personal challenges.

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