Justin Timberlake scared of Britney Spears’ fans ahead of US tour

 Justin Timberlake scared of Britney Spears’ fans ahead of US tour

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Justin Timberlake is reportedly anxious about the massive fanbase of his former girlfriend, Britney Spears, as he prepares to embark on his first tour across the United States in half a decade. An insider shared with In Touch Weekly that Timberlake fears Spears’ supporters might derail his tour, transforming it into a catastrophe.

This apprehension comes in the wake of startling allegations Spears leveled against him in her memoir, causing a stir in the media and among fans. In her tell-all book, “The Woman in Me,” Spears laid bare details of their three-year relationship, accusing Timberlake of infidelity and alleging that he pressured her into terminating a pregnancy.

“Justin’s already faced a big backlash on social media and a blow to the nice guy reputation he’s always tried to nurture,” the tipster told the publication. They added. “Now he’s going to put himself out there for public scrutiny, and he’s really worried this tour could turn into a disaster!”

The source claimed that the Cry Me a River singer may address the allegations made by Spears in her book during the early dates of the tour “in hopes it will all just go away.” “Britney’s revelations boxed Justin into a corner,” they said. “He’s really afraid he’s going to be hounded by her fans on this tour.”

These revelations have not only tarnished Timberlake’s public image but now loom as a potential threat to the success of his highly anticipated tour, scheduled to kick off on April 29. The situation is further complicated by the actions of Spears’ fervent fanbase, known as the Britney Army. They have rallied behind Spears, promoting her 13-year-old track as a counter to Timberlake’s recent release, “Selfish.”

This move has intensified the competition between the two artists, putting additional pressure on Timberlake as he steps back into the spotlight with his upcoming tour dates. The clash between the former couple’s supporters highlights the enduring impact of their past relationship on their respective careers and public perceptions.

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