Kanye West Abuses “F**k Yourself” & Defends Sultry Videos Of His Wife On His Instagram

Kanye West/Instagram

Kanye West, the renowned music artist known for his bold expressions both in his music and personal life, recently sparked discussions by sharing provocative images and videos of his wife, Bianca Censori, on social media. The content in question, from a Super Bowl 2024 party, featured Censori in a revealing bodysuit, leading to widespread commentary and speculation about the couple’s dynamic. West’s subsequent video response to the backlash has become a focal point of conversation.

West, who had a high-profile marriage with reality TV star Kim Kardashian, with whom he shares four children, has since entered into a new chapter with Bianca Censori, a former architect for his Yeezy brand. This transition has been accompanied by rumors and reports suggesting West’s controlling behavior, with some even claiming he seeks to transform Censori into a semblance of his former spouse, dubbed “Kim 2.0.” One report even suggested West had imposed a social media ban on Censori, reported by the NY Post.

The controversy escalated when West, in response to a question about his alleged controlling nature, confiscated a reporter’s phone and launched into a tirade, further fueling discussions about his behavior. Despite this, West continued to share content about Censori, notably reposting a video from the Super Bowl party multiple times, which showed Censori appearing uneasy in her scant attire but attempting to enjoy the moment.

West addressed his critics in a video, asserting his right to post content of his wife as it pleased him, linking his happiness with the quality of his music. He vehemently defended his actions, stating, “Cause she makes me happy. That’s why y’all happy with the music because I’m happy.” He further challenged his detractors with a blunt message, urging those disapproving of his posts to disregard his social media presence.

The video, recorded at an airport with Censori by his side, captured West’s impassioned defense of his social media activity. As he shifted the camera towards Censori, she exhibited a mix of shyness and amusement before moving away from the frame. Interestingly, this instance saw a portion of the public rallying behind West, with supportive comments urging him to overlook the criticism and continue living according to his principles.

This episode encapsulates the ongoing public intrigue surrounding Kanye West’s life and decisions, blending his artistic endeavors with his personal expressions and interactions. The dialogue around West’s actions underscores the complex interplay between celebrity, personal freedom, and public scrutiny, as the artist navigates his creative and personal journey in the public eye.

Another added, “I can’t wait til I get married so I can act like this bout my wife.”

“Your page, your wife, your happiness.. end of story!! Folks out here miserable,” said one.

Followed by one saying, “I’m glad he’s happy actually seems lively in this clip, W Kanye.”

And, “Ye on that inspirational sh*t.”

Check out the video here:

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