Kanye West told to step back from venture that caused him ‘harm’ before

 Kanye West told to step back from venture that caused him ‘harm’ before

Source: BBC

Kanye West has been cautioned to stay within familiar territory following his announcement of a new venture into the adult film industry. Adult film actor John Legendary weighed in on West’s decision, offering some advice to the rapper.

“Stick to what you’re good at,” Legendary said in an interview with The Mirror. He acknowledged West’s diverse talents but suggested he remain focused on his established strengths. “You’re good at producing, you’re good at being a visionary, you’re good at design and dreaming. I wouldn’t necessarily think he would need to perform because it just wouldn’t make sense,” Legendary added.

“I’m more nervous for him,” he said, before referencing how the Carnival rapper has previously spoken against the adult industry. He went on to recall the rapper saying that such films have “affected almost every choice that he made for the rest of his life. He also mentioned something about Hollywood being a brothel.”

He noted that Kanye has “been very vocal” about “the harm that it’s done in our society and the harm that it’s done to his personal life,” adding, “So it’s catching me off guard to have him speak about wanting to do some type of venture within the adult industry.”

Legendary’s remarks came after West, 46, announced his intention to venture into adult films via Instagram last month, sparking significant backlash from his followers on the platform. Many fans and critics expressed their disapproval, questioning the rapper’s motives and direction.

The announcement represented another bold move in West’s unpredictable career. Known for his musical genius, groundbreaking fashion designs, and outspoken personality, West has often pushed the boundaries of conventionality in entertainment and business. However, the adult film industry marks new territory for the rapper.

In recent years, West has expanded his brand beyond music, delving into fashion with his Yeezy brand and even attempting a run for the U.S. presidency in 2020. Despite his eclectic pursuits, his latest venture has left many questioning the rationale behind his decision.

John Legendary’s advice reflects concerns that West’s move into adult entertainment might not align with his strengths and could tarnish his reputation. Legendary emphasized that West should stick to producing and designing rather than performing in the adult film industry.

The backlash following West’s announcement wasn’t limited to social media. Industry experts and longtime fans alike have criticized the decision, arguing that it doesn’t align with his core brand values and could alienate his existing audience.

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