Kelly Osbourne’s jaw-dropping weightloss transformation unveiled in sleek black at Grammy

Kelly Osbourne
Photo Credit: AP IMAGES

Kelly Osbourne turned heads at the 2024 Grammy Awards, showcasing her stunning weight loss in an elegant black gown. The 39-year-old television personality looked radiant in an off-the-shoulder dress, highlighting her slim physique and newfound confidence.

Osbourne’s weight loss journey became a topic of conversation last year when she openly discussed going “too far” following the birth of her son, Sidney. Despite facing challenges, she shone brightly at the event, her outfit accentuated by a corset-like top and sheer details that elegantly displayed her collarbones.

Standing at 5 feet 2 inches, Osbourne enhanced her look with black platform heels and accessorized with a unique handbag designed to resemble a vintage boombox, adding a touch of whimsy to her sophisticated attire.

In a candid moment on the Scheanigans podcast, Osbourne, daughter of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne and television host Sharon Osbourne, shared insights into her weight loss efforts post-pregnancy. She clarified that, although she had gastric sleeve surgery in the past, she did not undergo any surgical procedures for her recent weight loss and had stopped using the weight-loss medication Ozempic due to its side effects.

Accompanied by her partner Sid Wilson, the DJ from Slipknot, Osbourne proudly displayed her transformation, her appearance at the Grammys marking a significant milestone in her personal and public life.

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