‘It was bad’: When Nicole Kidman revealed she had a crush on Jimmy Fallon; afterwards she thought ‘Maybe he’s gay’

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On The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon was left stunned when Nicole Kidman shared an unexpected twist on their first meeting. Fallon recalled, “Walking in NYC, my buddy Rick said he was with Kidman and she wanted to discuss possibly working in ‘Bewitched’ with me. He suggested they drop by my apartment.”

Nicole offered her version, saying, “I remember thinking I liked you.” She continued, “Rick mentioned you wanted to meet, and since I was single, I thought ‘why not?’” Fallon, taken aback, exclaimed, “Wait, what?” Kidman elaborated, “You were in casual attire, barely talked, and then started playing a video game. The vibe was so off.”

She humorously added that Fallon’s indifference made her wonder if he was gay. “After feeling there was no chemistry, I thought maybe you just weren’t into women.”

Interestingly, in another episode, Kate Hudson revealed that she too could have potentially dated Fallon.

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