Obama Supposed to Attend Mallika Sherawat’s Premiere

 Obama Supposed to Attend Mallika Sherawat’s Premiere

obama-supposed-to-attend-mallika-sherawats-premiereUS president Brack Obama is supposed to attend the premiere of Mallika Sherawat’s latest Hollywood film “Politics of Love”, ready to be released soon.

The upcoming Hollywood film of Bollywood hottie Mallika Sherawat is based on two races, Indian and African in which Mallika Sherawat is playing Aretha Gupta, an Indian-American Democratic volunteer who is campaigning for Barack Obama.

For the premiere of movie, Mallika Sherawat says, “We are planning a premiere in Washington DC and I’ve told the President that we’d like him to be present. He very graciously told me that he’d want to be there because Oscar-winner Ruby Dee, who plays my grandmother, is one of his favourite actors. He’s told me to make sure we send an invite across.

Whereas, the US president Brack Obama has told Mallika Sherawat to “Make sure you invite me to the premiere!”

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