Rachel Bilson Fires Back After Whoopi’s SHOCKING Attack: What Really Went Down?


Brace yourselves, drama fans! Rachel Bilson is speaking out, and you won’t believe what’s brewing between her and Whoopi Goldberg!

After a whirlwind episode of “The View” saw Goldberg calling out Bilson over comments she made about sizing up the romantic history of potential partners, the starlet took to EW to spill the REAL tea.

Bilson confessed, “When I saw Whoopi, whom I’ve admired for ages, calling me out, I was definitely taken aback.” She’s referring to a spicy moment on ABC’s talk show where Goldberg, the legendary actress, brought up Bilson’s podcast ‘Broad Ideas’.

There, Bilson had jokingly mentioned that she’d find a 40-year-old guy’s lack of romantic history “a bit weird.” But here’s the twist! Rachel confessed that the whole podcast convo wasn’t about being judgmental.

“It was a casual chat among friends,” she explained. “Even in the podcast, I backtrack, emphasizing that it’s not my place to judge anyone’s love life.”

She feels the snippets featured on “The View” weren’t the full story. “My intent was not to be judgmental, and I’ve reflected on what I said. It’s essential for me to make that clear.”

And what about Goldberg’s response to Bilson’s clarification? Well, both she and “The View” are staying silent for now.

Bilson’s podcast co-host, Olivia Allen, chimed in, wishing “The View” had done their homework. “People should hear the entire conversation before jumping to conclusions,” she advised.

Bilson echoed the sentiment, saying, “I’d urge people to listen to the full conversation. Things aren’t always what they first seem.”

So, with sides drawn and stories out, whose version are you buying into? Dive in, hear for yourself, and get ready for a wild ride in this celeb showdown!

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