Water for Elephants


water-for-elephantsIntroducing unique seducing love story based on Sara Gruen’s boosted bestseller historical novel; Depression-era traveling circus “Water for Elephants” is a colorful and romantic melodrama set in an unusual scenario of destiny.

A veterinary school student Jacob (played by conventional vampire star Robert Pattinson) abandons his studies after his parents are killed. Thus joins as a vet on a second-rate travelling circus where he comes across Marlena (Reese Witherspoon), the dissatisfied wife of his boss and a star performer in an oldfangled circus. Duo fall in love brought in compassion through a special elephant. Marlena’s husband, August (Christoph Waltz) is a jealous, obsessed man who is too brutal to animals and smashes his grunts off the moving train. Meanwhile he gets a whiff of flirtation going on between his wife and circus vet. He copes by mercilessly beating his new elephant Rosie that is the real entertaining package in the movie.

Director Francis Lawrence has blended some spectacular moments of penetrating love between Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon who have an appealing onscreen chemistry. Also, the animals’ roleplay, when they are released from cages, create entertaining chaos for viewers. The Mexican cinematographer, Rodrigo Prieto mixes a sad nostalgic flashback charm into the film “Water for Elephants”, whereas a veteran performing elephant Tai named Rosie is well played heroine who is quite sweet, funny and protective saving whole movie plot through her astonishing performance. Yet the passion, commitment, charisma and indispensable moments of love between Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon are truly qualifying the standard of classic romance tales.

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