A four-year-old girl ‘clung to her ticket for dear life’ after rail workers made a gesture

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A four-year-old girl ‘clung to her ticket for dear life’ after rail workers made a gesture. Merseyrail has been praised by a family after a lovely gesture brightened the day of a young girl.

Rachael Gerrard of Bebington took her four-year-old granddaughter, Luella Trueman, to the River of Lights Festival on Wednesday evening.

They claim they were left grinning after a ‘beautiful’ gesture by a staff member on the train from Hamilton Square to Liverpool at 8 p.m.

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Rachael said she didn’t have to pay for her granddaughter’s transportation because she was under the age of five, but after they got their tickets and boarded the train, a service staff handed Luella her railway ticket to sign her name on.

Rachael’s granddaughter was delighted, and she was ‘totally made up,’ she said.

According to The Washington Newsday, she said: “We planned to leave from Bebington, but instead drove to Hamilton Square to catch the train back. The man at the ticket office handed me a little yellow child’s ticket for her to keep when I received the tickets.

“She held to it with all her might, insisting that she had her ticket and would keep it safe. We were passing through the barricades, and she was overjoyed with her ticket; it had completely changed her night.

“It was a thoughtful touch that didn’t cost much but meant a lot.

“She asked what she could do with her ticket when we got home, and I advised her to keep it for the memories, which she already had. He was very kind and considerate in including her.

“It was a hit with her, and we had a great time. I recall it having a great impact on something so modest, and she was overjoyed.

“It was also her first trip to Liverpool by rail. Merseyrail employees were all quite pleasant. Because it was the River of Light festival, it was fairly crowded, but we felt really safe, and the staff was wonderful.” Rachael had since gone to Twitter to share her pleasant experience.

She wrote: “Merseyrail deserves a special mention. Tonight, we traveled from Hamilton Square to Liverpool.” The summary comes to a conclusion.”

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