Create big themes for your living room

create-big-themes-for-your-living-roomIn every home whether big or small, living room is the focal area. Living room represents the personality and life style of the owner of the house so a woman tends to make her living room most stylish, trendy, comfortable and as per her needs.

Home sweet home is the ultimate desire of every woman. Every woman wants to become her home neat clean, peaceful, beautiful and comfortable, where every member of the family live happily and cheerfully.

In every home whether big or small, living room is the focal area. Living room represents the personality and life style of the owner of the house so a woman tends to make her living room most stylish, trendy, comfortable and as per her needs.

Entering in the post modern and day by day hectic life, one needs some easy to apply tips for her living room maintenance and decoration. In this regard, a woman might face a lot of problems that how to handle living room decoration and how to put on furniture in it.

The decoration and selection of furniture for a tall and large space living room is not a problem at all. One can choose furniture from heavy to light range. Living room accessories and other decorative items can easily be put on in a huge living room.

The problems arises when you have a small or studio type living room.

Keeping this point in mind, our today’s article mainly focuses on the selection of the living room furniture and its decor.

Living room furniture normally consists of sofas, tables, corner tables, chairs, book shelves and display cabinets.

Here are some very easy and applicable guidelines for women, regarding the living room furniture and decoration.

  • Before buying the living room furniture, one should know about her budget and think accordingly.
  • The living room measurement is another factor while dealing with it’s furniture. you should know the exact measurement of the room and then decide on the size of the furniture that you want to buy. Note down where and how many windows and doors are in your living room, also measure their sizes and spaces. It will help you to choose sizable and manageable furniture which will easily fit into your living room.
  • Furniture placement is the next step. In a small size living room it is quite challenging. You may choose one large furniture item such as sofa to be the focal point and set the rest of the furniture around it. If you want to have a sofa but like to shift your focal point too, than add colorful or unusual accent pieces to take away the attention from the large item.

Now come to the living room decoration. The basic accessories which you need for your living room decoration are:

  • Floor cushions and throw pillows: These are the important accents for living room decoration. Choose bold and muted color scheme for pillows and cushions. It will add warmth and comfort to your living room.
  • Area rugs: To cover up the unattractive areas of the living room, use area rugs. It also defines seating areas of the room.
  • Paintings: Buy paintings for the living room decoration as per your mood and choice.
  • Lighting: Right and soft touch lighting creates a great ambiance in your living room. Layered lighting plan is best for living rooms so that you can spotlight the focal or the entertainment area and a uniform lighting for casual family gathering.
  • Lamps: You can also use different types of floral lamps for decoration. They will fulfill both decorative and functional purposes.
  • Media space: Media space is a fast gaining attention in the modern living room décor and design ideas. A corner can be created for a special media place.
  • Shelves and collectibles: Modern living room décor incorporated features such as book cases with wide shelves for DVD’s and collectibles.
  • Drapers and blinds: Furnishings, drapers, blinds and paddled seating can add color, style and pattern to the décor of the room.
  • Decorative plants: Infuse a new life to a corner of your living room by placing decorative indoor plants in beautiful stands.
  • Mirrors: One large mirror with ambient lighting or several small positioned strategically on a wall can create a unique ambiance to your living room.

Before selecting all above things for your living room, first think of your own style. Choose furniture, materials and colors that inspire you. Trust your own eye for and feelings about décor will generate the best ideas for decorating your living room.

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