Top Drinks – Billionaire’s Margarita

 Top Drinks – Billionaire’s Margarita

Billionaires MargaritaPeople love the taste of Sex on the Beaches and Apple Martinis, but ordering a sweet drink may cramp your style. A real man’s drink is strong, sour and stings a little on the way down.

Dinners, parties, clubs, pool dances, dance parties, New Year night, charismas, drinks or rather top drinks are the finest need of men and women. Any refreshing drink is offered before the main course meal. No one can deny the fact that top drinks and refreshing drinks are a desire of both adults and youngsters.

Here are the Top drinks and refreshing drinks in demand:

  • The white Russian-a scary name. this drink will leave you craving more
  • Blue Hawaiian-a tropical beverage. Known to be a refreshing drink
  • Sex on the beach- a vamped screwdriver with a twist
  • A classic- whisky and coke

Now comes the well known refresher of top drinks Billionaire’s Margarita- a popular refreshing drink A manly twist on a “female” drink, a Billionaire’s Fill a shaker with ice and add the Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia, Grand Marnier Cuvée du Centenaire and lime juice. Shake it well, pour it into a glass with ice and garnish.

A Billionaire’s Margarita in your business wear, you’ll certainly look the part of the sophisticated and appealingly tycoon. Billionaire’s Margarita is that top drink without which parties are incomplete.

The top drinks in European countries are mostly with alcohol added to them, such refreshing drinks are most in fashion. Where as in Asian countries top drinks with alcohol are HARAM in Muslim countries but these refreshing drinks are still available in these areas.

The hype of top drinks and refreshing drinks did not start in this era; it was there from ages and ages. There are different qualities in top drinks ranging from different prices and from very strong drinks to lighter and sweeter ones example: long island ice tea is a strong refreshing drink and bloody Mary a lighter one.

Any top drink does not become a well known refreshing drink in one night but its taste and catchy flavor has captured heart of many.

Any meal is not complete without some refreshing drink or any top drink for that matter because they play an equal role in adding to the perfect taste needed for any beautiful evening. But on the contrary if only refreshing drinks are served, those top drinks would be enough if meal remains UN served. Thus importance of top drinks and refreshing drinks is proved.

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