Be The Lean, Mean, Longer Lasting Machine!

 Be The Lean, Mean, Longer Lasting Machine!

be-the-lean-mean-longer-lasting-machineRead on to know the various ways in enhancing your body to be better prepared and longer lasting against your opponents in wrestling.

Endurance, grit, stamina and determination are to name just a few yet some of the most arduous components one must inculcate in themselves in order to pursue a successful career in wrestling.

Although wrestling and success thereof come with consistency in terms of practice and determination, there is a certain lifestyle that an individual can restrict themselves to in order to stay in the ring for longer durations of time.

Here are a few exercises for wrestling that you can make part of your routine in order to prolong your time facing your opponent.

I like to put Bikram Yoga on the top of the list. Spending an hour and a half in intense heat (110 degree Celsius) painfully stretching your body beyond any bandwidths of endurance in 27 different positions.  Make it through the pain and nothing gets better than an everyday routine of Bikram.

Weight lifting follows the yoga practice on my list. Lifting a few weights, individually or with a body weight machine can be one of the quickest ways of not only increasing muscle fitness and mass but also enhancing your stamina.

If I begin to list the benefits of outdoor hiking it could take me a few pages or even more. Not only are the trees in abundance which means increased oxygen availability proportionately increasing the alveolar activity of your lungs and adding to the percentage of oxygen saturation of the blood that’s flowing to your muscles. Also practicing at higher altitudes for longer periods of time get your body to adapt to respiring in low oxygen environments and adds magnificently to your stamina increase.

Although opposite to stamina, relaxation plays a very important role in sufficing your endurance and stamina requirements. A twenty minute nap could help do all the restorative work to your central nervous system which helps you in going the extra mile when you’re in the ring.

And lastly, as Stamina decreases with age, so does your sex drive. Have lot of sex as it is great for increasing your stamina and helping you go on without getting worn out, it’s also a great way of pampering your body.

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