10 Best Home Gym Equipment

Concept2 indoor rower

1. York Fitness Active 120 cross trainer

York Fitness Active

You can pay thousands for a good home cross trainer, but this reliable and compact machine has all the bases covered, with 18 workout programmes and 16 levels of resistance, as well as a built-in fitness test for those who want to check out how fast they’re improving.

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2. Zumba Exhilarate body shaping kit

Zumba Exhilarate body

Zumba combines Latin and international music with a fun and effective workout system – and now you can do it at home with this comprehensive kit that contains everything you could possibly need, even bonus toning sticks.

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3. Aero Pilates Arc

Aero Pilates Arc

The gentle padded curve of the  Aero Pilates Arc can be used to either increase or decrease resistance during Pilates exercise, meaning that it offers support and assistance for beginners and challenges the more experienced. All you have to do it use it.

4. Steel Abs

Steel Abs Body

This machine promises you tight, sexy, superhero abs without all the strain and pain and while that’s never going  to happen for some people, it does a surprisingly good job of positioning your body to work your entire core, thus defining your abs and even getting rid of those love handles.

5. John Lewis resistance band

John Lewis resistance band

This cheap and simple exercise tool will help you tone your upper and lower body, as well as improve your flexibility. It’s also great for modifying familiar exercises and you can easily combine it with other exercise equipment.

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6. Concept2 indoor rower

Concept2 indoor rower

You’ll be hard pushed to find a bad review of this outstanding rowing machine. Yes, it’s costly, but it works more muscle groups than almost any other home machine. It’s also impact-free, a fast calorie burner and suitable for people of all ages, as well as having a useful performance monitor.

7. Reebok gym ball

gym ball

This balance ball is super-strong and suitable for all ages. Particularly good for cardio and strength workouts, it can help you develop great muscle tone, as well as core stability, posture, balance and flexibility. Even better, it comes with a workout DVD.

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8. York Vinyl Fitbell Kit in a Case

York Vinyl Fitbell Kit

This set of high-quality light weights includes three pairs of dumbbells in a handy carrying case for easy storage. The vinyl coating is a bit whiffy at first, but that soon wears off. A great way to develop strength, burn fat, increase power, endurance, core stability and balance.

9. Pro Fitness Trampette

Fitness Trampette

Fitness trampolines can improve heart rate and circulation, as well as lower blood pressure, through gentle aerobic training. You can use this one indoors or out and you won’t strain your joints whilst you’re using it.

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10. ProForm 705 ZLT treadmill

ProForm 705 ZLT

Most foldable home treadmills under £500 have short, narrow decks, making them suitable only for fast walking or jogging. But this one is both long and wide, as well as boasting an impressively powerful motor, a 10 per cent incline function and a wireless heart rate monitor.

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