A Healthy Diet for Sportsmen

Healthy Diet

Healthy DietHealth and fitness are two of the most vital factors that every sportsman should keep in mind in context to his ability to physically endure and be consistent during practice as well as during the game. In order to maintain such high levels of health and fitness it is imperative that all sportsmen make sure that they eat well. A healthy diet for sportsmen is in fact the key to success on the field.

Components of a healthy diet for sportsmen

A healthy diet for sportsmen should include a wide array of essentials of diet which include vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins as well as an adequate intake of fat and various minerals. More than any of these, an undisrupted intake of water ensures that all sportsmen maintain their required levels of health and fitness.

What factors could have a negative influence on the health and fitness of a sportsman

While plenty of rest in recommended ensuring that you don’t fatigue your body, a healthy diet for sportsmen is an equally important factor in determining their performance. On an average a sportsman should have at least two meals more than the regular person and all of them should have balanced proportions of the mandatory essentials of a diet.

Food that contributes to the health and fitness of a sportsman

While the unanimously accepted concept of milk being good for your bones due to its adequate supply of calcium is highly respected, a large intake of proteins from other sources such as beans, lentils and meats is usually recommended. Carbohydrates which are the main source of energy are found in vast quantity in rice and wheat so make sure that you store big on your noodles and your bread. Drinking plenty of juices and other liquid extracts such ass cod liver oil and fruits including oranges and lemons contribute as an important asset to the health and fitness of a sportsman.

Top ten foods that contribute positively to the health and fitness of a sportsman include

1.    Beans

2.    Lentil

3.    Red Meat

4.    White Meat

5.    Noodles

6.    Bread

7.    Orange Juice

8.    Olive Oil/ Cod liver Oil

9.    Fat

10.    Corn

One must remember that more important than just practice and training is to adapt and acclimatize to the change resulting due to such vigorous changes in your metabolism and a healthy diet for sportsmen is just the way how.

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