Increase your ejaculate!

 Increase your ejaculate!

health tipsEjaculation is more than just a sexual fetish. Some men could go as far as taking this as a sign to express their masculinity. While making a mess over your lover face or letting it drain down a toilet in a condom is something you usually do with your sperm, but sometimes, in some instances making a baby out of it might just be the best idea. But if your sperm count is less or your product isn’t potent enough your partners ovaries might not appreciate it and hence could deprive you from fatherhood. The topic of this article is to create awareness about foods that increase your sperm and health tips that you might consider and they could actually end up being good for you. 


Vitamins are one of the most essential resources for the development of sperm. Vitamin A found in milk, cheese and fish oils is a great source of strength for your sperm. Vitamin C, which is very commonly found in citrus fruits, is also a food source that increases sperm motility and sperm health quality and quantity.



Water, perhaps one of the most underrated ingredients plays a pivotal role. Not only will it make sure that the volumes of sperm that you are shooting is substantial but meanwhile it also works on the quality and the amount of denatured proteins or dead cells that you otherwise ejaculate if your dehydrated.

healthy water


L Arginine and Cartinine are biologically synthesized compounds which are found in a multitude of sources including oatmeal and natural carbohydrates. They are synthesized along with methionine and lysine which are two essential amino acids. An extraordinarily important  is incorporating this in your diet as a no.1 health tip.


Zinc plays a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of sperm. It can easily be traced to your greens such as broccoli and in various other food sources that are available in your supermarket.

zinc foodAcai Tree

Lastly, the acai tree plant which is found in South America is most inoculated in the Brazilian culture known as a food which drastically increase sperm production and thicken the ejaculate.

Acai Tree

Whether it’s to give your lover a facial or to raise some offspring sperm is perhaps one of the most important ingredients that must go in to the cauldron.


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