Last Longer to Please Her

 Last Longer to Please Her

Increase Stamina to Last Longer

Increase Stamina to Last longer If you are facing problem of premature ejaculation and want to last longer in bed then you are not alone in this world that is facing this problems of low stamina or last longer in bed. More than 70% of the men are finding solution to increase stamina in bed as they are unable to satisfy their partner

As we all know that it is not easy to satisfy woman in bed if you cannot last longerMarkets are filled with medicines which are treating problem of premature ejaculation. These medicines increase stamina of men but they have number of side effects along with the pleasure of lasting long. Medicines directly affect kidneys of a person which can become a serious problem if medicine is used for longer time period. We have number of ways to increase stamina of lasting longer in bed for men naturally, without using any medicine.

Some Tips to Increase stamina and to Last Longer

Poor masturbation

By poor masturbation here we mean that many youngsters have a bad habit of masturbating while taking bath. They just try to ejaculate in minutes. This masturbating decreases the control of ejaculation in bed thus they do not last longer in bed. To increase stamina put an end to poor masturbation.


If you use lubrication in excess then it will decrease the sensitivity and you can increase stamina and last longer in bed.


Condom is very essential to have a safe sex. Besides saving partners to transmit diseases it also increase stamina of men. You can also find herbal condoms which help men to increase stamina in bed to last longer.

Control your breath

If you will breathe heavily during sex it decreases stamina to last longer. You need to control your breathing process. If you will control your breathing it will result in increased stamina.

Practice meditation

Meditation can be a good way to increase stamina in bed. You can meditate and control your body functions like breathing function and premature ejaculation. You have to take out 10 to 20mins out from your daily busy life to meditate. Find some place alone anywhere and take deep breathes. Inhale for 5 seconds then exhale for 5 seconds. You will feel the difference in matter of days and you will last longer in bed.


Stamina, last longer and Foreplay is a key to happiness in bed for everyone including men which last longer in bed. Being in bed doesn’t only mean just to enter the room and start banging. If you cannot last longer then you should try new ways to satisfy your partner. Licking her nicely, using your hands rightly when needed and little bites all over her body can also satisfy your woman. Make foreplay a necessary part of your bed life. Focus on the moves of your partner. This will tell you where she exactly wants you at that moment.


These are the few tips to increase stamina and to last longer in bed for men. What are you waiting for? Try these tips to increase stamina last longer in bed and show her who the man is!!

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