Easy Abs Workout Routine for Men

 Easy Abs Workout Routine for Men

Abs WorkoutWorkout routine is very important of every man to stay fit and healthy both mentally and physically. It is not always important to make workout routine at gym. You can also make your workout routine for abs workout at home. You just need to know one thing that abs workout you do at home should follow the right instructions. At gym you will have professional fitness trainer who will help you in daily workout routine. But at home you have to follow workout routine yourself.  Your workout routine at home of wrong abs workout can cause harmful effects. You can hurt yourself seriously doing abs workout wrongly. Backache and twisted arms and legs muscles are the common outcome of following workout routine of wrong abs workout at home.

Workout routine for crunches

Crunches are the most known and wrongly done abs workout by most of the men. Lie down on floor for this abs workout. Place your hands behind your head. This will help your head to pull yourself forward for abs workout. Now curl your legs at 90 degrees. Hold your breath. Now push your upper body towards your legs. Now to know that if you are doing this abs workout rightly you have to feel this abs workout. If you feel any contraction in your abs area then you are doing it right. Now come back to your initial position and exhale. Repeat this abs workout in 3 sets. In every set of abs workout repeat this crunch for 12 to 15 times. This workout routine also depends on your body weight and stamina. According to your stamina and weight you can follow this workout routine for abs workout at home.

Workout routine for crunches with weights

Second abs workout needs a careful attention and light weight dumbbells. For this workout routine you can choose dumbbell weight according to your health. But one thing should be kept in mind that weight should not exceed 5kgs.  Lie down for this abs workout. Bend your knees like you did in above abs workout. Hold weights in both your hand and straighten your hands above heads resting on floor. Now pull your body above keeping your hands straight. You need to be careful in this abs workout. If weight not held cautiously you can hurt yourself. Follow this workout routine for 3 time and repeat abs workout for 12 times. This workout routine is very effective. In less time you will gain your desired abs.

Workout routine for plank abs workout

Plank doesn’t ring any bell? It is the easiest and effective abs workout. Everybody knows about pushup works routine. The difference in this abs workout is that instead of hands you use your forearms and rest for about 30secs to 1 min. Repeat this workout routine for abs workout for 3 times.

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