20 Things Must Avoid While Growing a Garden

 20 Things Must Avoid While Growing a Garden

Growing a garden in bloom is as much a result of what you do and what you don’t. Here is a list of DON’s for a blooming garden. These are all things I learned from personal experience that took me back a few years:

1.Plant roses in the shade.

2.Hard pruning roses that shouldn’t be pruned.

3.Forget that if the nutrients are not replenished with natural fertilizers, the dirt will go bad. Feed the plants, turn them, or both.

4.Dig holes that are too small for the plant’s root ball. If you have to dig through rock-hard clay in shallow flower beds, this is an easy mistake. Make the extra effort and you will see a huge difference.

5.Do not prepare the soil before planting the seeds. Till, ground beef, fodder, grass, water.

6.Not watering the soil enough for the seeds to germinate.

7.Deferring weeding is seven times more work than would normally be required.

8.Plant plants in the wrong places.

9.Failure to follow good horticultural practices (stacking tomatoes, pruning vines, etc.)

10.Not watering enough during droughts. (If plants look withered, watering twice a day isn’t too much).

11.Stop planting the right plant in the right place because of the first failure.

12.Mixing different shades (mottled shade is different from dry shade and northern base shade).

13.Do not divide perennials in time.

14.If you really want to grow edible things, don’t think rabbits and squirrels are leaving them alone for your own good, protect them.

15.Planting invasive perennials.

16.Fear that moving a suffering plant will do more harm to it Trust me, if a plant is not doing well, move it. The benefits are visible during the day!

17.Ignore the dead end. Many herbs, such as basil and marigold, die after they are sown. If you want them all season, don’t let them turn into seeds.

18.Not to mark new seedlings. I can’t tell you how many perennials I pulled out when the weeds were too small to see. Also, it doesn’t hurt to know exactly what to look like before they bloom.

19.Excessive fertilization.

20.Buy, buy, buy. It takes some patience to wait for the seedlings you started, or the plants you shared, or the cuttings to ripen, but the benefits increase tenfold because that is the gift you keep giving. In addition, plants that grow in one area of your garden have a better chance of developing in another area of your garden (same soil, similar conditions). Buy for variety and interest, not a quick fix for wasteland. Plan what you want to sew in advance, don’t buy it right away. Don’t buy abundant flowering plants, they are meant to bloom in your garden and not in the garden center. It’s hard to resist, I know I just thought of mentioning it.

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