Little Boy Almost Dies After Eating Food Doctors Issue Warning About Avoidable treatment

 Little Boy Almost Dies After Eating Food Doctors Issue Warning About Avoidable treatment

Pic: detroitdailynews

Nothing beats a juicy burger straight from the grill. To get all of the juices in the burger, don’t squeeze it while it’s cooking.

To cook on both sides, flip the burger only once. The less you touch it, the more juice it can be. And if you’re anything like me, you enjoy a juicy, thick burger.

But when one boy bit into his burger, he quickly realized that his life was in danger. It wasn’t caused by mad cow disease or another type of food allergy or problem.

His life was in danger because his parents had cleaned the grill with a wire brush. And one of the wire pieces had gotten into the meat and punctured his digestive tract. His life was at risk…

Young Anthony Fiore enjoys a good burger. However, when a stray wire bristle from the grill brush got into his food, he ended up in the hospital and required multiple surgeries. A simple summer dinner turned into a horrific nightmare that no one could have expected.

But it could have been strictly avoided if his parents hadn’t cleaned the grill with a wire brush.

They heat up their grills and scrape them down with a wire brush as soon as the weather warms up. But that’s only the beginning of the issue.

Nadia, Anthony’s mother, was shocked when her son began complaining about pains. But it had all started with a tickle in his throat. It quickly evolved into a stabbing pain and Anthony was suddenly out of commission.

Nadia had used a wire brush to clean the grill, and the wire had come loose.

Anthony required emergency surgery. If the bristle moved slightly, it could puncture his internal organs, causing a more serious problem. He wasn’t badly hurt at this point.

The surgery went well… until Anthony got an infection a few days later. The bristle had been contaminated, infecting the boy’s insides. He required high doses of antibiotics. But he eventually recovers completely.

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