Greubel Forsey’s GMT – The World in your Wrist

greubel forseys gmt the world in your hand

greubel forseys gmt the world in your handIntroducing the new 3d world, Greubel Forsey GMT, a timepiece which marks the first time the brand has made a complication other than a tourbillon. If you’re a tourbillon watches fan no need to be concerned though, it has a tourbillon too.The lightweight titanium globe allows you to visualize not only the time but also the position of day and night across different continents via the 24-hour ring around the equator while the case band window symbolizes the position of the sun on the earth.

The globe completes one full counterclockwise rotation every 24 hours, matching the rotation of the Earth, and is surrounded by hour indicators split into white and black numbers indicating the daytime and night-time hemispheres. A world time disc on the rear of the watch is connected to the globe and bears the names of 24 cities, each representing one of 24 global time zones.


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