Teen Girl Allegedly Invited a Friend Over To See Her Mom’s Dead Body After She Killed Her

 Teen Girl Allegedly Invited a Friend Over To See Her Mom’s Dead Body After She Killed Her


In a shocking incident that has captured the attention of the community in Brandon, Mississippi, a 14-year-old girl named Carly Madison Gregg is facing serious charges following the tragic shooting of her mother and the attempted murder of her stepfather.

Gregg was arrested in March after authorities were called to her home, where they discovered a scene of horror that has since made headlines across several news outlets including WLBT, WAPT, and AL.com. Gregg has been charged with one count of murder and one count of attempted murder. Despite her young age, she has pleaded not guilty to both charges and is being tried as an adult, a decision that underscores the gravity of the accusations against her.

The case took a more detailed turn during a preliminary hearing that was documented and shared by the local blog, Jackson Jambalaya, revealing disturbing details about the events leading up to and following the violent act. According to testimony by Rankin County Investigator Zachary Cotton during the hearing, home security camera footage provided a chilling timeline of the incident.

The footage showed Gregg and her mother arriving home together. After a short period, Gregg was seen entering her mother’s bedroom. Moments later, the camera captured the sounds of a gunshot, followed by a scream and two additional gunshots. Gregg then returned to the kitchen where she was recorded sending texts from her phone. Investigators later discovered that she was messaging her stepfather, inquiring about his return home.

In a particularly unsettling revelation, Cotton described how Gregg, in the period between attacking her mother and stepfather, engaged in eerily calm activities such as singing to her dog. The scenario escalated when Gregg allegedly invited a friend over to the house under the pretense of an emergency. When the friend arrived, escorted by her father, Gregg shockingly asked if she had ever seen a dead body.

Upon her friend’s negative response, Gregg led her to the bedroom to show her the body of her deceased mother. She also showed her friend the murder weapon and recounted that she had fired three shots at both her mother and stepfather. The stepfather, upon returning home, was confronted by Gregg who shot him in the shoulder. He recounted to investigators how he managed to wrestle the gun away from her before she fled the scene, per WLBT.

He survived the attack and was able to provide crucial details to the police. Authorities later apprehended Gregg near her home shortly after the incident. The community was further shaken by the revelation that the victim, identified in her obituary as a beloved math teacher at Northwest Rankin High School where Gregg was a student, was remembered for her gifts in mathematics, technology, and the arts.

The loss of such a prominent figure in education and the shocking involvement of her daughter in the crime has left the community struggling to come to terms with the tragic events. As the legal proceedings continue, many are left wondering about the factors that could drive such a young individual to commit such heinous acts, with the hope that justice will ultimately be served in this deeply disturbing case

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