Most Expensive Dress Shirt


most-expensive-dress-shirtThey say the clothes make the man. That’s probably less true today than when you could tell a man’s occupation by the hat he wore, but if it’s true of anything then it’s true of the world’s most expensive shirt. This most expensive dress shirt designed by Eton, celebrating their 80th birthday, created this shirt out of the finest Egyptian cotton. Of course, it couldn’t be the most expensive shirt in the world without a few diamonds. Both the studs and the cufflinks are encrusted with diamonds—white diamonds on the cufflinks and colored diamonds on the studs.

As if that isn’t enough, the dress shirt will be touring the world before it’s sold at auction next year. The luxurious shirt will make stops in Milan, LA, Stockholm and a few other places with Eton stores. The most expensive Dress shirt is valued at £23,000 (over $45,000). Proceeds from its sale will go to charity.


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