The World Most Expensive T-Shirt

Most Expensive T-shirt

World's Most Expensive T-shirt

The high-priced $45,000 Eton shirt just got beaten by a huge margin as “The Most Expensive T-shirt in the World” (yes, that is what the t-shirt is named) as far as the price tag is concerned. UK-based Superlative Luxury is out with these eco-friendly tees that they claim; help us stay free of “indulgence and decadence” that “harm our beautiful environment”. Well, the $400,000 t-shirt is said to be made of “only renewable energy sources and represents a C02 reduction of 90% compared to traditional t-shirt production”.

It is made with 100% organic cotton with 150g/m2 quality weight, so you can wear it even if your skin is extremely sensitive. But that is not the reason for its high cost. The tee sports a “spherical pattern” studded with 16 one carat diamonds of which eight are white and eight are “enhanced rare black” ones.

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