Austin: Third-grade teacher criticized for informing children about their “legal and constitutional rights”

Third-grade teacher criticized

Sophie Marie (@soph4president), a third-grade teacher in Austin, Texas, has recently been under fire for certain aspects of her classroom management. Her clothing was also a source of contention. “you’d think I was teaching way out west but this is downtown Austin…,” she writes.

“OK, so today I got pulled into a ‘check-in meeting’ with my administrator at school, and she had this lovely list of concerns that she wanted to bring to my attention,” Sophie explains in the video. Concerns have been raised that Sophie is “intentionally” teaching her third-grade children about their rights.

“But my favorite amongst them is, ‘We’ve noticed an intentional attempt at teaching your students about their legal and constitutional rights.’ That’s the concern,” she reveals. “Why are you concerned? Why is that a concern? Why does that concern you?”

Sophie, who is “queer until proven straight,” is outspoken about human rights on social media. She writes on a variety of current issues, such as the Queer Capitol March and Texas legislation.
“I have no other choice but to be political. life is depending on it,” reads her Instagram bio. “unwilling to die for the dow. abortion advocate.”

“I’m concerned that they find that concerning” Commenters are similarly upset that teaching young students about their rights is viewed as frightening. Others are unsurprised by this conduct, especially given that it is happening in Texas.

“It’s such a mystery why there is a teacher shortage,” one user wrote sarcastically. “Former Texas teacher here. This is why I can’t anymore,” a fellow teacher declared. “Also, leaving Texas this summer.”

“Are you not allowed to read Harry Potter to your students? My 3rd-grade teacher Mrs. Papish read us HP & I fell in love with reading,” someone asked, referencing Sophie’s administrator’s questioning of the book series’ relevance to “grade level lesson plans.”

“I 100% wanna know what bs they had to say about your clothes too lol,” another TikTok user wrote regarding the write-up about Sophie’s “dress code” violation.


you’d think I was teaching way out west but this is downtown Austin… #TeachingTexas

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Despite Sophie’s best efforts, it appears that the Texas educational system regards her honesty as a danger to the growth of their children. In reality, educators like Sophie deserve a greater platform, and limiting their techniques is terribly ill-advised.

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