3 Unique Top Travel Destinations for 2011

 3 Unique Top Travel Destinations for 2011

3-unique-top-travel-destinations-for-2011Enough of these far Eastern places like Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong etc; enough of the typical European holidays to France, Greece, Italy and enough of the visits to U.A.E. It’s time for some change and a whole new vacation experience with this year’s 3 top travel destinations.

Cambodia, Morocco and Mozambique are the hot favorite destinations for 2011. These destinations would not only soothe your senses but they will take you in a world apart, something that you would never have thought about. So, pack your bags and get ready for the most amazing vacation of your life with these 3 top travel destinations.

1 – Cambodia is like a hub of religions of the region in which it is located. Phnom Penh is its capital and what makes this place one of the unique travel destinations are its amazing French restaurants and great adventure tours. The temples of Angkor are a major attraction for this holiday spot and the country holds a very different and rich history. Within Cambodia there are many smaller travel destinations which you can choose according to your choose and interest.

National parks, highlands, adventurous trails, mangrove swamps and much more is waiting at different travel destinations within Cambodia for all the adventure-seeking tourists. The average temperature remains around 32C all around the year in almost all its tourist destinations and it can be visited anytime during the year. It is advisable if you plan your trip to Cambodia with their annual festivals like Khmer New Year because they are surely a treat to witness in different destinations within Cambodia.

2 – Morocco is like one of the dream travel destinations for all those romance and culture lovers. Morocco’s diverse culture and rich history makes the tourists forget every other thing and get lost in its charm and charisma by enjoying at different tourist destinations within the country. This is one of the very few travel destinations of the world that can give you a perfect blend of romance, adventure, luxury, shopping, fine dining and breath-taking culture all at the same time through its different destinations.

Fes is the fourth largest city of Morocco and it is ideal for getting a closer look at Morocco’s heritage, culture and civilization. The hustle bustle and ancient Islamic architecture of Fes surely mesmerizes the tourists and makes it the most preferable of all the travel destinations within Morocco. For visiting different destinations in Morocco, the best time is spring that is from March to May.

3 – Now moving towards the 3rd destination of the top travel destinations of 2011 let’s see what Mozambique has to offer. Mozambique is one of the best travel destinations for the beach lovers. Its divinity lies in the blue waters and spell-binding islands of all its tourist destinations. Nothing can be more perfect than getting lazy with your loved ones under the palm trees with special coffee and magnificent colonial architecture in the background which is depicted through all of its destinations.

The different destinations within Mozambique are just to happening to be true. Lose yourself and dance to the Marrabenta music which is the popular sound of this most happening of the top 3 unique travel destinations. Gorongosa National Park is a popular tourist sport of Mozambique. The best time to visit Mozambique is from May to November when the weather is a bit cooler and dry.


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