Business Horoscope December 25 to December 31

 Business Horoscope December 25 to December 31

business horoscope capricorn

Weekly Capricorn Horoscope:

You may be able to converse with an elder member of your family this Sunday morning. Where there may have been some difficulty in the past, a new understanding is now possible. Extra support comes your way this Monday. Legal matters are concluded successfully today. Think things through carefully, as it is a time when you could make some less than perfect choices or decisions in the workplace this Tuesday. There could be a tendency to become rushed, either from your own desire to complete tasks or from outside influences. Your confidence is high this Wednesday and you should be able to accomplish much during this time. This afternoon is the perfect time to do those things that you previously put off, whether from fear of failure or lack of motivation. Some may see you as a bit on the restrained side this Thursday; this works to your advantage when there is a necessity to trust that you will be silent in matters of importance. Your value lies in what is above-board and straightforward and you have a particular dislike for anything that is secret, intense or too private this Friday. Penetrating discussions and investigative conversations could find you at your mental finest this Saturday. Your perceptive abilities are fine.

business horoscope sagittariusWeekly Sagittarius Horoscope:

There are plenty of personal chores to be done this Sunday and you swing into action without hesitation. This Monday could be a time when you find some real discoveries in the idea department. Expect to make some crystal-clear decisions that affect others. This Tuesday you may find a need to make some important changes in your life such as breaking with the antiquated trends of the past. There is a longing for anything new, different and unique. This Wednesday is a good time to sit down and update your personal employee folder. Make notes on your unused talents and what you really enjoy most from your work. Also, create a goals list by month. This Thursday may well be a very mental as well as social time. Much of your emotional support and feeling of security comes from your many past accomplishments . . . of course; friends, family and social standing are also a positive. Be watchful of the old ideas and make your way into the future with new and positive ideas. You should not have to beg for support from others this Friday; all that you need should be there for you at this time. There could be some challenges to the things that you value or your good taste this Saturday. Those around you find you particularly witty at this time.

business horoscope piscesWeekly Pisces Horoscope:

You will enjoy this time immensely. You will be jumping from one project to another. New opportunities are opening and this Sunday is a good time to secure them for yourself. You may find a physical move or some other type of major change is being discussed this Monday. This may mean that higher-ups in your workplace are looking for a place to relocate the company. You may find your life’s direction or career putting some real pressure on your home and emotional life this Tuesday. Obviously you cannot live without both, so some kind of self-control on your part is indicated. There may be a tiny lazy streak that would like to surface this Wednesday. You should find it quite easy to have good conversations with those you love before your workday begins this Thursday. Perhaps in having school supplies or homework ready there is extra time to laugh and hug and wish each other well. Lessons learned in business this Friday is most valuable. Your friends, associates or family may see your humorous side, as well as something of an eccentric nature. You may find it difficult to buckle down to your more routine duties this Saturday. Your domestic life is in a good place: harmony.

Weekly Aquarius HoroscopeWeekly Aquarius Horoscope:

You may be working especially hard to get things and people organized this Sunday. This Monday is a very busy time in your professional life. At home this afternoon, you also enjoy staying busy. Just whiling the time away is not your bag! Writing efforts can be a spectacular success. Go ahead and let yourself dream this Tuesday morning; these times do not come too often. You may be working today but you also may not have to report for work so early. You are in a position to help others that want to take a little time away from work and you are pleased to help. This Wednesday, you are in a good place emotionally to communicate in relation to groups and society, as well. Working with youth groups or with people that have sincere needs to heal will be most beneficial to you at this time. This Thursday may not be the most appropriate time to make important decisions that could change your living situation or life circumstances. It would be best for you to move with the flow of the day. Guard against minor slipups and clerical errors this Friday. This evening presents great opportunities for enjoyment of loved ones. You may tend to be somewhat of a loner this Saturday afternoon and find the simple life much more appealing.

Weekly Aries horoscopeWeekly Aries horoscope:

Expect a good conversation with those that you love and care for the most this Sunday. Watch out, as an independent streak seems to be surfacing this Monday. Others will admire your unique and rather unusual way of perceiving things. Being with others and working together should be particularly nice this Tuesday. Someone in authority may come to you with a plan for a particular job, because they are familiar with your management and directional abilities. You may be a bit stressed to complete and clear away some work this Wednesday morning but as the day progresses you are able to relax and see that much is accomplished. In social circles this Thursday, your manners put you in a popular situation–remember that networking is a grand way to open doors of opportunity. Opportunity may come as a better job, a better job position or any similar hobby interest or other subject that holds your attention. Professional decisions and efficiency are unusually productive at this time. You are in a creative and competitive phase this Friday. Charm and romance are strong this evening. You are mentally alert and ready to achieve and accomplish things this Saturday. You may be very convincing in what you say and think.

Weekly Taurus HoroscopeWeekly Taurus Horoscope:

This Sunday you take some time to review some sort of revised contract or business deal before the workweek begins. You may be feeling very good about yourself this Monday and appreciating your own better qualities. Creative writing projects can be used in the workplace to introduce better advertising jingles. Work of a collaborative nature is particularly favored this Tuesday morning. Work related discussions go very well today. You should be feeling very good about yourself this Wednesday and enjoying your particular situation, as well as support from those around you. You may find yourself temporarily blocked this Thursday morning. Remember the defining word is “temporarily” so back away from whatever is causing the mind blockage. Some of the things that take on emotional significance for you this Friday are being able to obtain and exchange information. Higher-ups look for people with your knowledge or expertise in solving customer problems or in calming employees that have particular issues. This Saturday you contact those key people that can contribute to your business success. It is who you know, not necessarily what you know, that makes a difference–be friendly.

Weekly Gemini HoroscopeWeekly Gemini Horoscope:

Relationships with other people and refinement are two of the keys to finding satisfaction this Sunday. This is a very nice time. Taking in a movie or reading a good book will please you a great deal. This Monday is a good time for that one-on-one with a higher-up, or supervisor. This is the time that you can express your desire for a new position within the company. If you must work this Tuesday, it will be of short duration. Children, lovers and other people, or the things that are dear to your heart are accented at this time. Assuming risks can bring you big rewards. Someone may assist you in figuring out how to proceed with some special plans or decisions regarding your life strategy this Wednesday. Do not doubt the helpfulness that this person is giving you. Your talent for understanding and being sensitive to other people’s needs puts you in a likely position of communicating regarding groups and society this Thursday. Your talents are appreciated in the workplace this Friday. Being together with others both personally and on a work level should prove very enterprising. This Saturday is a time when you can probably expect a little push in the right direction and some sort of positive recognition from those around you.

Weekly Cancer HoroscopeWeekly Cancer Horoscope:

Your creative and intuitive talents are what may be leading you this Sunday. Expect some challenges in the workplace from time to time. You are disciplined, work hard and are good at getting others to work with and for you . . . particularly this Monday. Striving to be the very best that you can be is uppermost in your life this Tuesday. You just want to expand your knowledge and that could have you delving into politics, law, travel, religion, to name but a few of the possibilities open to you now. You have lots of friends and this Wednesday is one of those days when the phone keeps ringing. Later, you may be sought after for your advice regarding some important issues. You may need to tenaciously hang on to your wallet this Thursday, as a spending spree may wipe you out, basically, because of your appreciation of the beauty and value of everything that you encounter at this time. Your mind may be sharp as a tack this Friday. You are quick-witted. There may be changes in appointments or missed connections with phone calls. The people you come in contact with will be charmed by you. You could be flexing your independence this Saturday, as well as getting right in the middle of anything that is new, unusual or different.

Weekly Leo HoroscopeWeekly Leo Horoscope:

Career decisions will be coming up this next week and you may want to spend some time this Sunday in talking with friends or family members about what to expect with the choices you might want to make. Taking the novel approach, trying out new ideas and breakthroughs in thinking could be what life is all about this Monday. This is a day when you just simply feel like being different, trying out something new and unusual. A question that had occupied your mind may be answered unexpectedly while you are at work this Tuesday. Though you will be making progress with one business matter, you may encounter delays with another. Being recognized in some special way is nice–you can expect a small boost of some kind this Wednesday–either some extra support or recognition. An unfinished project needs your attention this Thursday morning. A successful career day–alert and alive, your mind relishes a challenge this Friday. You may be very pleased at the new employees that have been hired this last year. They all seem to be positive and hard-working people. There is a continued accent on your career this Saturday. You may receive a challenging new assignment or job offer at this time.

Weekly Virgo HoroscopeWeekly Virgo Horoscope:

Those around you may see you as especially witty and eccentric this Sunday. Relationships are highlighted tonight. You may have to use a great deal of diplomacy around others this Monday. There may be some problems with a negotiation, but the event will end positively. Enlarging your intellectual and spiritual horizon takes on a high priority this Tuesday. You are intent on seeing the big picture and getting to the point of whatever you become involved with. Travel and further education could be helpful in bringing this about. You are looking forward to a bright and interesting future. This Wednesday you may feel that there must be some changes made in your present way of doing things in order to reach that future. Allowing yourself to step away from the chores for a bit to enjoy the day and the people around you pays off big time. There is a good possibility of a career turning point this Thursday that may require some careful thought and good judgment on your part. A turn of events in the workplace could give you a real breakthrough. Shift your focus and establish priorities this Friday–take life one day at a time. You should be feeling really good this Saturday about making your own way.

Weekly Libra HoroscopeWeekly Libra Horoscope:

This Sunday will be the kind of a day that we all long for, easy going and calm–with everything running smoothly. Your humor may be overshadowed, but only by your rather eccentric behavior this Monday. Your independence and unique qualities are appreciated by those around you. This should all give you some new ways of looking at things. You would really like to be out and about and socializing with your friends on Tuesday. A few things need tending to in the workplace first, however, and that is where people will find you–at least until early afternoon. This Wednesday morning you enjoy a quiet morning. There is a little time to catch up on your personal e-mail and to tend to some unfinished business as well. Complete insight into your own inner self or psychology could come to the surface this Thursday but do not fear, all of this is quite manageable. Enjoyment comes from feeling a certain sense of group effort as well as support and goodwill from those around you this Friday. Hard work pays. You are surrounded by some of your favorite people today. This Saturday has every indication of being your day–you may find it particularly easy to express yourself. You appear very relaxed. Expect a mentally and socially active period.

Weekly Scorpio HoroscopeWeekly Scorpio Horoscope:

You feel inspired about a personal project this Sunday and may find the urge to shop quite tempting. You may find yourself working extra hard this Monday to get things and people organized. Achieving things, working especially hard and having a strong ambition are all things that are especially important to you now. You really use your head to your advantage when it comes to working and dealing with others. This Tuesday, you seem to know just what to do and can act without hurry or worry. The exchange of ideas becomes a focal point in your life this Wednesday. Learning, knowing a little about a lot of things satisfies a need for mental stimulation. Your talents are recognized. Being with others and working together should be a pleasant experience this Thursday. Someone in authority may seek you out for a particular job. Your management and directional ability should serve you well. There might be a need to try a different route for daily travel this Friday–look around and enjoy the change. If you are in sales, you will find that the contacts you make this week will make a big difference in your future. You will find it necessary to be out and about gathering new information to share with others this Saturday afternoon.

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