Business Horoscope September 18 to September 24

 Business Horoscope September 18 to September 24

business horoscope capricom

Weekly Capricom Horoscope

From Sunday, September 18 2011 – 12:00am

To Saturday, September 24 2011 – 11:59pm

This Sunday is a time in your life marked by greater involvement with friends and groups who share some of your ideals about how people should live. A new co-worker may misunderstand or a co-worker friend may be difficult to get along with this Monday. Step back and see the situation differently . . . look at the bigger picture. Problems could lose some of their definition and appear less difficult this Tuesday. Enjoy observing all the things you can see that really make the world a pleasant place. Enjoy the sunset. Everything points to your taking the initiative this Wednesday. Work and career should be a primary focus now. There is an opportunity to make good decisions–clear choice is yours. This Thursday is a good time to plan ahead with a special date, apply for a job–or otherwise make yourself known. There is a feeling that anything is possible. You and your co-workers may compete at work with word games this Friday. Perhaps while you operate machinery or add up numbers, etc. This is a little friendly competition and will increase your vocabulary and expertise at the game Scrabble. A false set of ideals may mislead you and cause you to neglect your responsibilities and become lost in regrets. Find fun ways to relax this Saturday.

business horoscope sagittariusWeekly Sagittarius Horoscope:

Real insight into your own inner workings or psychology could surface this Sunday, and in a manageable form. You may be in the mood for deep conversations. You may have trouble with subordinates or young people in the workplace this Monday. This may mean dealing with the public or dealing with new employees that have a lot of questions–this will soon end positively–patience. Listening becomes important this Tuesday as you try to understand new ways of working. Ideas and thoughts are important for the art of creation and will not come easily if you are stressed. A round table discussion presents the perfect forum for your presentation. There could be change in the air this Wednesday with regard to your working situation. You may want to be open to the new ideas of others. You learn things that may shake your confidence and alter your world view this Thursday. While such experiences can be unsettling, they are ultimately beneficial. Your sharp perceptions make finding new solutions easy. This Friday your occupation seems to be with puzzles. There is an urge to begin a new habit–perhaps exercise–a fresh start this Saturday. This evening is the perfect time to attend a social event.

business horoscope piscesWeekly Pisces Horoscope:

Fun conversation surrounding your first love prevails this Sunday. This may be the renewal of an old friendship or a class reunion. Pay attention to your intuition this Monday; a hunch could lead you into some very positive places, with answers to difficult work problems never thought of before now. This Tuesday is quite a busy day, one that seems to be pulling you in many directions. Prioritize and don’t skimp on your breaks, those breaks legally belong to you. There is extra charm and charisma in the way you come across to others this Wednesday. When faced with difficult situations or difficult people, you can be exceptionally creative. Speaking in front of a group, you may speak very convincingly. Failure to resolve issues can aggravate a relationship this Thursday. Impatience may prevail but grit your teeth and forge ahead. You will be pleased at the results of your effort towards understanding someone that is difficult. Working with or teaching others and communicating via the mind in general are indicated this Friday. You will enjoy a variety of interchange with people this Saturday–perhaps in a friendly gathering. Thinking, writing, researching and sciences are good. You enjoy communicating with your friends and loved ones.

business horoscope aquariusWeekly Aquarius Horoscope:

A future neighborhood garage sale may be on your mind this Sunday. Many people could be involved to help make the garage sale a great neighborhood effort. A good book has your attention tonight. You are ready for work but there just seem to be too many projects this Monday. There is a push to accomplish your goals the first part of this week. If you find interruptions exasperating, you may want to put a note on your desk that says, WORKING . . . PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE. Everything works together to reveal you at your best this Tuesday–particularly in group gatherings. You may have to repeat or clarify instructions several times this Wednesday, particularly to one individual. Write to-do lists for yourself and check all paperwork, including contracts. If you are not running a business yourself this Thursday, you will probably be the one that makes the business in which you are involved run smoothly. Your organizational skills will find you coming to the aid of many an unorganized person in your lifetime. Dealing with money in sound, well-balanced ways is an important lesson to master and you could be teaching others this lesson this Friday. Someone helps you with the chores this Saturday evening.

business horoscope ariesWeekly Aries horoscope:

A friend may ask you for advice on some very personal issues this Sunday. You are able to cut through the red tape and get beneath and behind. You could be most persuasive with others and expressive in your speech this Monday. If you are in the sales profession you will find this day a productive one. It is easy to overdo this Tuesday. Your energies are high and you may feel that you can do anything. You are smooth when there is a need to solve problems. You may find yourself coordinating events and communicating with new people this Wednesday. Your company may have decided to open another store in another area of town or some such scenario. You could be chosen to make sure everything runs smoothly. This Thursday is the perfect time to take risks and dare to be a little unconventional. You will prosper through new insights, inventions and an independent point of view. You have a great deal of luck this Friday in business as well as personal relationships. A situation may arise this Saturday, where you will want to jump in the middle and instruct, lead or direct others. This can be successful if you ask permission before you begin giving instructions. Goodwill is present all around.

business horoscope taurusWeekly Taurus Horoscope:

You may find yourself guiding young people this Sunday–at least spending a great deal of time with young people. You are a delight to all around you this Monday, as usual. It is good to see the progress you have made. Beating the odds through cleverness is appealing and this may lead to an interest in all kinds of financial speculation this afternoon. Stressful conditions or difficult people in the workplace this Tuesday morning may cause you to question your choice of profession but with patience and a little counting to ten several times, the morning proceeds harmlessly and you are, once again, saving the day. Your instinctive orientation this Wednesday is in taking care of business. You may take some risks today, even if you appear a bit unconventional. You will have recognition for your works this Thursday. At the same time, a change of direction may be in order–perhaps toward more inwardness. After work this Friday, your friends may want to include you in their activities. You may be helping someone move or become involved in some form of team sports. A neighbor may want you to help them move or help them with some other chores this Saturday morning. You feel an appreciation for responsibilities and duty.

business horoscope geminiWeekly Gemini Horoscope:

Although you may be tempted to stay inside or just goof off from your responsibilities–you are actually in a good position to make much progress this Sunday. There are breakthroughs in compassion and communion. Being more practical and conscientious is of special importance this Monday. Taking care of the necessary underpinnings of life–health, work, etc.,–becomes a greater preoccupation now. Discipline is no problem this Tuesday, but you may want to be careful of becoming too authoritarian. This is a successful and pleasant day. You may be tempted to only focus on what you dislike this Wednesday. However, you can be more fully empowered by using this time to embrace your strengths. Changes this Thursday can be rewarding and, after checking your information, a new investment idea may bring substantial rewards. This could be a lucky day. You can look forward to an old debt being paid this Friday; new opportunities are obtainable. Put work aside, or be willing to take interruptions. You will find this Saturday an enjoyable day that just flows along very well. The secret saying for today is awareness of what is nonessential. This means training yourself to go-with-the-flow.

business horoscope cancerWeekly Cancer Horoscope:

You may not appreciate some changes that are taking place in your life this Sunday. Patience is in order now–with time you may see the purpose in another person’s decisions or plans–they may also see the advantage of your ideas as well. A burdensome business project this Monday finally comes to an end–never fear, there are better projects on the horizon. Beyond whatever external considerations may be present this Tuesday, you exude a contagious thankfulness and fondness for things and people. These inner, loving qualities are experienced as a very real good. Ambitious schemes and the pursuit of success and status take on a high priority this Wednesday. This brings a focus on the practical, the successful, the realistic–whatever it takes to get you ahead. Decisive action is the main order of business this Thursday. A major focus for you now is how you respond to change and maintain independence. New means of self-expression and communication can be enjoyed this Friday. You will take every opportunity to learn and upgrade your working expertise now. The energies are positive for working in groups or in team work this Saturday. With a small amount of determined concentration, life’s problems should find easy solutions.

business horoscope leoWeekly Leo Horoscope:

Your ability to work with others and help guide them toward a more positive direction may come into play this Sunday–perhaps young people. A friend or sibling seems disturbed over some form of family security–you have the gift of working with others. An important relationship, perhaps an older person or someone in authority, may come into focus this Monday. It may be hard to concentrate on the business world issues. You will find that you can really use your mind to make clear choices and think things through this Tuesday. Any career decisions are straightforward and easy to make. You are disciplined regarding your career. Lock those practical skills of yours into a routine and make them good habits. Your mind and decision-making abilities should be at a peak this Wednesday. High-level differences of opinion represent an important area of change in your life this Thursday. A whole new perspective is available to you at this time. Change is the main action in the workplace this Friday. Others may be moving to a new office or new furniture could be moved into the office where you are working. Your goals and aspirations are brought down to earth this Saturday. Count your blessings.

business horoscope virgoWeekly Virgo Horoscope:

A new cycle begins for you this Sunday, signaling a greater than usual interest in relationships, social connections and the arts. Sometimes you ask too many questions–sometimes you do not ask enough. This Monday will be a great day to learn the difference–listen carefully. Smiles are easy to find this Tuesday–you will find yourself in a social mood most of this day. A trip may be in order soon. You could be in the limelight this Wednesday, particularly with superiors or in relation to your work. You may find that you enjoy your job more than usual. There is much mental busywork now. Legal controversy is best avoided this Thursday; if possible. It is far better to settle out of court than to fight to the end. Educational plans need changing as well: you may want to further your education so as to move higher in your profession. A round table discussion in the workplace this Friday might as well have an orchestra present. You conduct the meeting successfully and in a well-organized manner–much is accomplished. Expect a sense of good will. Science, philosophy or religion are likely to seem as if they hold the ultimate answers this Saturday. You can persuade your partner into anything tonight.

business horoscope libraWeekly Libra Horoscope:

You may be making definite moves to add to your friendship list this Sunday. This Monday you might use your talent for seeing both sides of a situation and present the pros and cons throughout the process of a meeting, lecture, etc., perhaps a few charts as well. When communicating with supervisors this Tuesday, you may have insight into their world and what they must do to succeed in their profession. Finding a way to serve or volunteering to help in some charity project from the workplace will help you in your climb up the ladder as well as give help to others. An upswing in sales or in stock this Wednesday can be the result of some internal change that requires many people to cooperate. You will be pleased with the results of your efforts this day. The pleasures of music can calm the beast in all of us. Enjoy music this evening. This Thursday is a time during which you could accomplish a lot through sheer discipline–control of your energy and drive. This Friday should find everything running calmly and smoothly. You can demonstrate great understanding and compassion to the needs of others. Romance is in the air! You could find all sorts of activities to choose from this Saturday morning. Tonight is for lovers–bring flowers.

business horoscope scorpioWeekly Scorpio Horoscope:

Your support system and your environment may feel a bit stressed this Sunday. Find the cause of the problem so the whole day is not stressed–show your gratefulness for this difficulty, even though you may not be happy with it. This Monday you will be successful in your attempt to make decisions and take care of mental work. Your fine verbal skills and a natural sense of justice make legal work a distinct possibility. A new project is at hand this Tuesday. Perhaps some monetary rewards are in the forecast. The lunch hour this Wednesday could bring some fun conversations your way. This afternoon you may have to be careful not to disturb others with your urge to talk–you will do well in matters that concern proofing and editing. This Thursday, material things have a great deal of importance for you–perhaps a dedicated search is in order for a very special item. You are tuned in and turned on to big business this Friday. Higher-ups want a special performance from you and you know just how best to please them. A change in plans this Saturday morning may cause some frustrations, but you are good about moving with the flow of events and should find a change in plans is a blessing in disguise.

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