Create Backyard Water Feature Your Own

 Create Backyard Water Feature Your Own

create-backyard-water-feature-your-ownPresence of water around makes people feel relaxed by adding beauty and elegance in one’s home. You can create water features easily in backyard of your home. Just simply do it yourself and enjoy tranquility and peace of mind.

Follow the guidelines below to create your own backyard water feature.

1. Select Location

Location is important as water feature remains permanent in your yard. So, decide a perfect place for it.

2. Select proper size

Select proper size of your water feature in backyard that may suit your surroundings as well.

3. Select type of water feature

Go for the type of water either moving or standing. There come lot of water pumping motors that keep water flowing and require about a 120 volt circuit. Small and low voltage pumps are also available for smaller water features and can be put into place by yourself. If you want standing water then add some golden fish into it to make it appealing and beautiful.

4. Plumbing and installing

To add water feature in your backyard you may need to do some plumbing or installation.

  • First mark the place where you are going to fit it.
  • Excavate the required area
  • Install electricity supply
  • Install water feature
  • Check the installation by switching on water pumping motor
  • Make water moving for long unless the cleaning is required after some days.


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