Festival- Halloween

 Festival- Halloween

Halloween is originated from the ancient Celtic Festival known as Samhain. In Gaelic Culture Samhain is a celebration of the end of the harvest season. Samhain was celebrated at a time when the ancient pagans used to stock their supplies and get prepared for winter. It was believed by the ancient Gaels that on the 31st of October the boundaries between the living and the dead will overlap and also the dead ones will come back to life and will bring havoc to the crops. 

The Irish and Scottish immigrants brought this culture to the North America in the 19th Century. Many countries embraced this tradition in the 20th Century such as United States of America, United Kingdom, Autralia and New Zealand. The traditional Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, bonfires, costume parties, visiting haunted houses and also carving Jack-o-Lanterns.

Trick or Treat is the most famous tradition of Halloween. It is widely celebrated all across the globe now. The game is played by children and they go from house to house and they ask a question Trick or Treat? If the owner says treat they get the treat and go. If the owner says trick then the kids might perform some tricks on the property or something. So everyone in the neighborhood prepares for treat. People go to confectionery stores and get a lot of things for kids.

There are a lot of things available in the market at time of Halloween where people can buy their costumes and decorations from. The costume part just gives an excitement to the festival where you have a chance to dress up in whatever way you want.

People celebrate Halloween with Costume parties where they become different characters. It is a colorful yet fun festival. It has also become one of those festivals or tradition that is being celebrated in so many countries across the globe.

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