The Beer Festival

November is all set to arrive and what’s most awaited are the enjoyable and thrilling November festivals. When it comes to exciting November festivals, one cannot ignore the famous beer festival. Due to the excitement involved with this festival, it is considered as the heartthrob of November festivals. A beer festival is in fact an organized event during which the beer lovers will be able to enjoy and taste different types of beers. Not only rocking beers are available on beer festival, but also people can enjoy a large variety of other alcoholic drinks, which are also available for tasting and purchase. 

Due to its popularity, beer festival is arranged and celebrated as part of the November festivals in many countries of the world. Usually, a theme is associated to beer festival, according to which a beer from particular area or any specific brewing style is chosen to put on exhibition on the November festivals. Though, now one of the famous November festivals is known as the Beer Festival, but initially Beerex was a commonly used portmanteau word coined in 1977 as an abbreviation of Beer Exhibition. The beer festival is celebrated all over the world, but the largest beer festival is organized in Germany as “Oktoberfest”. Among all the November festivals, the Oktoberfest has a special importance, as people from all over the world come to visit this beer festival every year.

Other than Germany, the beer festival is celebrated all over the Europe as part of November festivals. In all British beer festivals, the beer is usually sold in quantities of half or full pints. Some of the notable November festivals in Europe are Great British Beer Festival, the CAMRA National Winter Ales Festival, the Farnham Beer Exhibition in Surrey and the Cambridge Beer Festival. While Europe celebrates the beer festival with full bang, USA and Canada are also not left behind in celebrating these electrifying November festivals. The November festivals with beer are organized in different states of USA and Canada each year where people come and enjoy with their favorite beers, while having a lot of fun with family and friends.

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