The Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

 The Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

the-great-pyramids-of-giza-egyptSome of the great architectural glories can be found within boundaries of Egypt, the land that serves to be home of one of the magnificent Seven Wonders of the World surviving till today, the great ‘Pyramids of Giza’.

These are three great pyramids of Giza standing with a tranquil elegance at the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt and are the most ancient architectural monument built around 2700-2500 BC at Giza during the fourth dynasty. But the greatest and largest of these three is the ‘Pyramid of Khufu’ also called as the Pyramid of Cheops that stands as the tallest man made structure in the world living for over 3,800 years. It was built as burial place of fourth dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu and was thus named so. The height of the pyramid is 475 ft and has a base area of 52,400 sqm. Other two pyramids are of pharaohs Khfare, and Menkaure.

Each rock used in the construction of the great pyramid of Giza weighs more than 2 tons and assimilates more than 2 million as such rocks; the only pyramid in Egypt known to have both ascending and descending passages is also the great Pyramid of Khufu.

Today, the great pyramids of Giza are the most popular and known tourist attraction around the globe that are visited by thousands of tourists every day.

When to go the great pyramids of Giza, Egypt:

To have adventure of great pyramids of Giza in Egypt, September to November (the fall) and February to April (the spring) are best seasons. Whereas summer is the only time to avoid visit.

Where to live close to the great pyramids of Giza, Egypt:

Featured hotels near to the great pyramids of Giza, Egypt include:

  • Le Meridien Pyramids
  • Pyramisa Suites Hotel & Casino Cairo
  • Sheraton Cairo
  • Sofitel El Gezirah Cairo
  • Kempinski Nile Hotel, Cairo

Where to go at the great pyramids of Giza, Egypt:

  • Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops)
  • Solar Barque Museum
  • Pyramid of Khafre (Chephren)
  • Pyramid of Menkaure (Mycerinus)
  • Sphinx and the Temple of the Sphinx
  • Queens’ Pyramids and Nobles’ Tombs
  • The Egyptian Perfume Palace

What to do at the great pyramids of Giza, Egypt:

  • Climbing Chephren during Ramadan
  • Mycerinus
  • Go inside the Great Pyramid
  • Sound and Light Show


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