“He Just Has No Concept of Service” Biden Ad Criticizing Trump’s Remarks Hits a Nerve

 “He Just Has No Concept of Service” Biden Ad Criticizing Trump’s Remarks Hits a Nerve


A recent advertisement from President Joe Biden’s campaign has struck a nerve with former President Donald Trump, as it highlights claims that Trump described fallen American soldiers as “suckers” and “losers.” This ad has provoked a strong reaction from Trump, who has demanded that Biden remove it.

Interviews conducted by The Daily Beast with current and former Trump insiders reveal that the ad targets some of Trump’s deep-seated insecurities. “He just has no concept of service, that’s the main thing here,” a former Trump official explained. This comment refers to Trump’s controversial avoidance of the Vietnam draft through a medical diagnosis of “bone spurs.” The official added, “So it’s really difficult for him to imagine why people would even [serve in combat]. It’s just a whole foreign thing to him.”

Another Republican strategist suggested that merely mentioning the word “loser” in proximity to Trump could trigger a psychological backlash. “The biggest insult to him to get under his skin is that he lost in 2020, he lost his court case and he’s convicted now,” the strategist said. “You can call him fat, call him an insurrectionist, call him a racist [but] that’s just not gonna stick.”

The strategist further elaborated that portraying Trump as a loser is an effective tactic for Democrats to exploit. “I think his deepest fear, or the deepest psychology with Donald Trump is that he [didn’t win] the 2020 election [when] he’s won everything in life,” they explained. “That’s the pressure. He’s married hot women, he built famous buildings, and he had a highly rated, successful TV show. And he became president, right?”

President Biden has not shied away from taunting Trump about his 2020 loss on the campaign trail. Trump’s efforts to overturn the election results culminated in the violent riot at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021.

The Biden campaign ad appears to be a strategic move to unsettle Trump by highlighting his perceived weaknesses and failures. As the former Trump official noted, Trump’s inability to understand military service contrasts sharply with the values and sacrifices associated with it. This disconnect, coupled with the psychological impact of being labeled a “loser,” seems to be a point of vulnerability for Trump.

The ongoing tension between Biden and Trump is evident in the 2024 campaign dynamics. Biden’s team continues to leverage Trump’s insecurities, aiming to portray him as out of touch with the values of service and sacrifice that resonate deeply with many Americans. This tactic not only provokes Trump but also underscores the stark differences between the two leaders as they vie for the nation’s highest office once again.

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