‘We stand ready’: Biden’s POWERFUL Response to Hamas Attacks Leaves World Speechless!

Joe Biden
Evelyn Hockstein/AFP/Getty Images

In a gripping address from the White House, President Joe Biden didn’t hold back on Saturday, October 7, 2023. Following a disturbing wave of Hamas-led assaults on Israel, Biden firmly stood by the Middle Eastern ally, strongly denouncing Hamas for their “unconscionable” onslaughts.

AP News unveiled that Biden painted a heart-wrenching scene of the day’s horrific events, with Hamas terrorists brazenly attacking both Israeli soldiers and innocent civilians. “Whole families were taken hostage on sacred Jewish days,” Biden passionately expressed.

The President was crystal clear: Israel’s right to defend its citizens is unquestionable. His backing? “Rock solid.” With a powerful caution, Biden warned foes against taking advantage of the crisis, asserting, “The world is watching.”

But it wasn’t just about geopolitics. President Biden deeply mourned the human tragedy. “The toll it’s taking on innocent lives and devastated families is heartbreaking,” he stated, revealing that he and First Lady Jill Biden are fervently praying for the affected.

Maintaining open lines with regional leaders, Biden highlighted dialogues with the likes of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and even Turkey, underscoring the necessity of a unified global response.

Closing his statement with unwavering certainty, Biden asserted, “The United States stands with the State of Israel.” As the Middle East’s situation intensifies, the world awaits action, hoping for a peaceful end to this conflict.

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