Biden Betrayed Israel!” Giuliani’s EXPLOSIVE Accusations Stun the Nation


In a stunning move, Rudy Giuliani, the former NYC Mayor and Trump’s well-known attorney unleashed a fiery critique of President Biden’s stance on the escalating Israel-Hamas conflict.

Newsmax’s report on October 7, 2023, unveiled Giuliani’s searing allegations that Biden has failed Israel, once a strong U.S. ally.

He blasted Biden, stating: “That isn’t how you act when a friend’s under massive attack!” Giuliani expressed deep dismay over Biden’s “limited” response to the horrific rocket assaults on Israel, accusing the President of hypocrisy.

In a riveting comparison, he questioned, “If I gave $6 billion to someone out to eliminate a friend, would I still be considered a friend?” Alluding to the contentious U.S. funding, Giuliani asserted, “This chaos stems from that $6 billion. Money’s voice is louder than mere words.”

As tensions soar, the Biden administration’s stance on the Israel-Palestinian conflict has come under intense scrutiny. With the region’s stability on the line and the world watching closely, Giuliani’s bold criticisms underscore the monumental challenges ahead. Will Biden’s approach usher in peace or fan the flames? Only time will tell.

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