“Representative Mace Has Violated House Ethics Rules” Inquiry into Reimbursements for Capitol Hill Townhouse

 “Representative Mace Has Violated House Ethics Rules” Inquiry into Reimbursements for Capitol Hill Townhouse

ICHAEL BROCHSTEIN Michael Brochstein/Sipa USA

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC), a prominent supporter of former President Donald Trump, is under scrutiny for claiming $12,000 in reimbursements related to her $1.6 million Capitol Hill townhouse, which she rented out online.

The Daily Mail obtained photos showing Mace’s DC home listed on the vacation rental site Vrbo. The ad described it as “perfectly situated a block from the Capitol” and ideal for “short events where proximity to the Capitol is ideal.” The property, referred to as “the DuPont house,” features three bedrooms, including a king-size bed, a queen-size bed, and two twin-size beds.

“Built-in 1905, this is a traditional Capitol Hill 3-story rowhouse,” the listing read, highlighting its 2,400 square feet of living space. “Use of the all brick outdoor patio, kitchen, and main level are available for quick events for 10-24 guests.”

According to The New Republic, Mace utilized a new Congressional expense program that doesn’t require receipts for reimbursements up to $12,000. This program is designed to help members cover the costs of maintaining two households—one in their home districts and one in Washington, DC, one of the most expensive cities in the U.S. However, the program is not intended to reimburse mortgage principal or interest, only maintenance costs like insurance and property taxes.

Members can claim up to $34,000 in food and lodging reimbursements annually, placing Mace’s $12,000 within that limit. Despite this, the House Ethics Committee has launched an official inquiry into the South Carolina Republican, as recently reported by The New York Times.

“Representative Mace has violated House Ethics Rules by repeatedly seeking reimbursement for lodging in excess of the actual monthly expense of maintaining her co-owned townhouse in Washington, D.C., resulting in a misuse of taxpayer funds for purposes unrelated to her official duties,” read a complaint submitted to the ethics committee.

Mace has attributed the error to her staff, a move unlikely to ease the already tense atmosphere in her office. In late 2023, Mace lost nearly all her senior staff, who accused her of fostering a “toxic work environment.” In a dramatic turn, her former chief of staff, who departed with the office’s popcorn machine, announced a primary challenge against her in the Republican race for her district.

Additionally, Mace has faced allegations of inappropriate workplace behavior. According to the New York Post, one former staffer claimed she “frequently made sexual references in the office and discussed things that were not appropriate in a work environment.” As the House Ethics Committee investigates, the controversy over Mace’s reimbursements and her office environment continues to unfold, impacting her political future and raising questions about the misuse of taxpayer funds.

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