“This is clearly a win for him, a unanimous decision.”Special Counsel Jack Smith Aims to Fast-Track Trump’s Appeals Following Immunity Ruling

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Special counsel Jack Smith is reportedly eager to accelerate the appeal process for Donald Trump following a decisive ruling by a panel of judges, which concluded that the former president does not enjoy immunity from prosecution for his alleged involvement in election interference activities.

This development came to light after a unanimous 3-0 decision by a federal appeals court on Tuesday, which stated that Trump could face charges for crimes associated with attempts to subvert the election results leading up to the events of January 6, 2021.

In the wake of this ruling, Trump was anticipated to escalate the matter to the Supreme Court by February 12, coinciding with the expiration of a stay on his prosecution. The unfolding legal scenario has garnered significant attention, with observers keenly awaiting a response from Jack Smith’s team regarding their next steps.

Fox News correspondent David Spunt provided insights into the situation following the court’s decision, highlighting the victory for Smith as a result of the unanimous ruling. Spunt outlined the initial schedule for the trial, which was set to commence in Washington, D.C., on March 4th.

“We are waiting for some reaction from Jack Smith’s team to see if the special counsel is weighing in,” Fox News correspondent David Spunt explained following the ruling. “This is clearly a win for him, a unanimous decision.”

Given the appellate court’s ruling against Trump, the former president now possesses the legal prerogative to appeal to the Supreme Court. However, it appears that Smith’s team had anticipated potential attempts by Trump to postpone the proceedings. Spunt shared insights from sources within Jack Smith’s office, indicating that the special counsel had already considered strategies to hasten the case’s progression to the Supreme Court.

According to these sources, Smith is keen on resuming the legal process without undue delay, underscoring his commitment to advancing the case as swiftly as possible. This proactive approach by Smith suggests a strategic effort to maintain momentum in the prosecution’s efforts and to potentially counteract any dilatory tactics that might be employed by the defense.

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