Joe Biden Jokes About Age and Criticizes Trump’s Border Policies in Late-Night Interview ‘Trump’s about as old as I am’

Joe Biden
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In a recent interview with Seth Meyers, President Joe Biden humorously remarked on his and Donald Trump’s age, noting they are roughly the same age, amidst discussions about the US-Mexico border crisis. During Meyers’ 10th anniversary of NBC’s “Late Night,” Biden, who had previously hinted at a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas while enjoying ice cream with Meyers, faced questions about his age and the border situation.

Biden, the oldest president in US history at 81, compared himself to Trump, 77, joking about the classified nature of his age. He criticized Trump and the GOP for exacerbating the migrant crisis, suggesting Trump influenced the House Speaker to block immigration reform to disadvantage Biden. Biden argued that such actions do not serve the country well and indicated a departure from traditional Republican values.

The President also discussed a controversial $118 billion bill, which includes border security and aid for Ukraine and Israel but faces opposition from both Trump supporters and some Democrats. Trump has labeled the bill a “death wish” for the GOP, arguing it’s a trap for Republicans.

Biden emphasized the importance of ideas over age, criticizing Trump’s positions on issues like abortion and his desire to revert to past policies. He joked about Trump’s recent gaffe at the Conservative Political Action Conference, where Trump confused his wife’s name with his former aide’s.

Meyers and guest Amy Poehler also engaged with Biden, who made a surprise appearance on stage. Biden condemned Trump’s support for the Capitol insurrection and his stance on NATO and Russia. The President also humorously addressed a conspiracy theory about rigging the Super Bowl for an endorsement from Taylor Swift.

Following the interview, Biden and Meyers enjoyed ice cream, a nod to Biden’s known fondness for the treat. Late-night shows, like Meyers’, continue to be a platform for presidents to reach broader and younger audiences, with Biden also exploring social media and digital platforms to engage voters.

Amidst concerns about both Biden and Trump’s age and fitness for office, a significant majority of American voters question their suitability for another term, according to recent polls. The discussion around their ages comes in the backdrop of a Justice Department report mentioning Biden’s memory issues and a general increase in public concern over the fitness of presidential candidates.

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