“Joe Biden Looks Like He Was About to Kiss the Wrong Woman” Say Social Media Users After Viral Video

 “Joe Biden Looks Like He Was About to Kiss the Wrong Woman” Say Social Media Users After Viral Video

Source: ABC News

A while ago, social media buzzed with a video clip that purportedly showed President Joe Biden in a moment of confusion after an official White House event. The clip, which began circulating on X (formerly Twitter), was shared by conservatives who claimed it depicted a ‘confused’ Biden wandering off-stage after being given instructions by First Lady Jill Biden.

The video, allegedly taken after an event related to the administration’s Women’s History Month reception, quickly ignited reactions and speculation online. As per Newsweek, in the clip, the 81-year-old president can be seen engaging in a conversation with an unidentified woman on stage. As the interaction unfolds, First Lady Jill Biden approaches and appears to say something to her husband while pointing to the left of the frame. Despite her guidance, President Biden proceeds to walk in the opposite direction, exiting the stage to the right.

Netizens were swift to respond to the video. One internet user wrote, “Joe Biden looks like he was about to kiss the wrong woman and then Jill Biden came running to his rescue. This is going from bad to worse.” Another one slammed, “Jill points in one direction, but he still goes the other direction.” A third person chimed in, “Ha ha. Even the Second Gentleman came rushing up to help. Despite Jill pointing where to go, Joe follows the woman in the opposite direction.”

In agreement, someone else wrote, “I wonder what she’s going to do when he no longer knows who she is (Jill). That time looks like it’s fast approaching.” Another user echoed a similar sentiment and wrote, “He really thought that that was Jill. You can see the surprise on his face when she comes and gets him.”

Conservative accounts, such as RNC Research, bagged the opportunity to emphasize what they viewed as a concerning moment for the president. They wrote, “A confused Biden wanders off the stage after instructions from Jill, Ed.D.”

This incident is not isolated. Previously, in one instance, Jill had to step in to direct him off-stage after he seemed unsure of where to go. As per Mirror, despite these instances fueling right-wing critiques, many Democrats and Biden supporters argue that the President’s age and experience are assets, not liabilities.

Democratic strategist Simon Rosenberg emphasized, “He’s been successful because of his age, not despite it. We’re all going to have to make that case because it’s true. We can’t run away from the age issue. It’s going to be a major part of the conversation, but we would be making a political mistake if we don’t contest it more aggressively.”

However, John B. Judis, a political strategist, suggested, “He doesn’t look and speak the part. He’s not a commanding or charming presence on a presidential or presidential election stage. I think a lot of voters, and young people in particular, who are not at all put off by his political positions or accomplishments, are put off by his utter failure as a regal persona. And I don’t know how that can be fixed. Not by bicycling. Biden’s best hope in that regard is the voters’ perception of Trump as a bad or even evil father who wants to wreck the family.”

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